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Established in 2011, Doggylicious Studio (Ang Mo Kio) aims to provide quality, fuss free and affordable dog grooming with transport in singapore, We provide seamless and efficient island-wide pet grooming transport services for your dog's grooming in Singapore, allowing pet grooming to be more convenient for you and your pets. We specialize in easy-maintenance puppy cut (a style that is easily maintainable, cute, simple and hygienic) that is easily maintainable and manageable for you and your beloved pets. Here at Doggylicious Studio (Ang Mo Kio), we provide professional dog grooming services for your dog. Our dog groomers are constantly striving to provide their utmost in grooming services for your dogs. We provide a fuss-free pet transport service at affordable prices. We strongly emphasize on hygiene and caution in our dog grooming service. At Doggylicious Studio, we give your dog a friendly and comfortable environment to make their grooming session a very pleasant one. Our groomers are professional dog groomers equipped with excellent grooming technique and finesse. We always strive to handle your dog with love and care to provide them a wonderful grooming experience. Services Dog Grooming Pet Products & Delivery Pet Transport Pet Boarding Pet Treats

Things to note:
• Transportation ranges from $5 to $20, price depends on location. • Doggylicious reserves the right to reject or return the dog immediately to avoid disruption & added stress to other dogs & groomers. • Closed on Monday & Public Holiday • Weekdays: Last appointment at 4.00pm • Saturday Last appointment @ 5.00pm

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Blk 330 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1




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Artemis Lin

Jul 15, 2020

My fierce Maltese has been using the grooming service for years. Made appointment via whatsapp. Any reminder I will just send via whatsapp or give a note to the driver when they pick up the dog. Everything is fine so far. Reasonable transportation fee and pricing. Will continue using their service. (Taken from Google reviews)



Jul 15, 2020

I scheduled a last min appointment in the morning and was attended straight away. Accomodating, personal yet professional. Will keep sending my pets to them. Opted for additional transportation services and was served by a very friendly Uncle. Reasonable pricing and have a good understanding of respect for your pets. He came back smelling good and handsome! Happy dog Happy owner! Highly recommended to all pet owners! (Taken from Google reviews)


kl Ng

Jul 15, 2020

Very good experience here. Groomers are caring. Made the effort to phone me 3 times (finally got hold of me) to tell me about my dog's tangled fur. Did a great job to save as much fur as possible. Most groomers I went will usually take the easy way out to shave the dog bare. (Taken from Google reviews)


Su Lynn Lee

Jul 15, 2020

I have been sending my corgi Chloe for grooming at Doggylicious for the past year and am always happy when Rachel grooms her. She comes back smelling and looking great! Yesterday Rachel even attached a ribbon for Chloe ❤️😍 I like that they provide transportation to pick and send Chloe back 👍 It is super convenient! Chloe has been to several groomers before and I find that she looks the best with Doggylicious! (Taken from Google reviews)


Joanne Martian Dass

Jul 15, 2020

Alex and Rachel work super hard and care for their clients and their clients fur kids immensely. They will tell you if your pet has signs of potential skin problems and ear infections. They always do their best to accommodate clients and will always take the time to chat with you and answer your questions if you have any. At this day and age when almost anyone can buy a university degree and call themselves doctors.. It is really refreshing to see people who have a true passion and commitment for this thank less job. They have been bitten and scratched by pets that have been traumatized by other salons and break their backs to care for animals that sometimes owners even neglect. Grooming Is a thankless job and Im glad they are my groomers. I would NEVER trust anyone else with my babies. (Taken from Google reviews)


Kenneth W

Jul 15, 2020

After trying out a couple of dog grooming centres, I decided to stay with this one due to its good service, reasonable price & location. And of course my dog seemed quite happy with it. (Taken from Google reviews)


Joyce Chen

Jul 15, 2020

This is probably the worst groomer I've encountered. I got there early and there was no one at reception so I hid behind a wall and watched the groomer. My dog looked terrified and there was a lot of yelling at the dogs/knocking on the cages that the dogs were in to stop them from barking. I'll never go back again and if you love your dog, I suggest you think twice about sending your dog to this place. Cheap and convenient sometimes isn't everything. (Taken form Google reviews)


Cindy Tham

Jul 15, 2020

It was my puppy's first grooming, very pleasant and good experience. I was really worried at first but They were able handle puppies with care and safety. My pup looks well fluffed and nicely groomed aft the grooming. Highly recommended to owners who wish for their puppies to go for grooming! :) (Taken from Google reviews)


Vanessa Chai

Jul 15, 2020

didnt felt that the after service was good, as i sent my dog for transport service and did not meet the groomer. i msg to ask if everything was alright etc which i normally do... who know best but the groomer right.. just in case any infection .. or if he is traumatized etc. ........... But i got NO reply at all. grooming wise, whatever needed is done. (Taken from Google reviews)


kee chin kooi

Jul 15, 2020

good service and handling of animals. Have been bringing my chihuahua mocha there for the past 6 years and this is the only place that my dog is comfortable at. (Taken from Google reviews)


Prince Woomingjun

Jul 15, 2020

Awesome! Doggylicious Studio. (Taken from Google reviews)


Rebecca Long

Jul 15, 2020

Called up the shop to get my dogs groomed, the groomer was prompt and efficient. They had a pick-up service as well, which was extremely convenient especially when you do not have time to bring your dogs back and forth from the grooming shop. My dog came home all pretty and smelt wonderful! Will recommend this shop to my friends! (Taken from Google reviews)


Suriya Rungfa

Jul 15, 2020

I'm very satisfied with my 2 dogs home after groomed today. Well done Doggylicious 👍. Definitely will return. (Taken from Google reviews)


Feeraz Fir

Jul 15, 2020

Great service and prompt delivery for my orders.I highly recommend this place. (Taken from Google reviews)