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Instinct provides high-quality and certified-safe 100% raw frozen and freeze-dried recipes. Their raw nutritious meals have been proven to improve digestion, energy, skin, coat health, and food sensitivities.

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Instinct Raw Meals

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Instinct Raw Meals



Nutritionally appropriate for our obligate carnivore fur babies :) my kitten absolutely loved this despite preferring wet food over kibbles. Highly recommended


My cat loves it!

Kibbles are fairly small, great for kittens. Smells good, not salty, taste bland which is good. One of my cat loves it, price is reasonable. Highly recommended,

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Tried for a Persian

35 reviews

10 pets

Jun 14, 2021

Our most delicacy

Honestly instinct are one of Tiara's favourite brands and she loves it So much! We are definitely blessed to know the brand as anyone who knows our cats, Tiara are the most fussiest cat in the loudtwinklebaby family. We really thank our lucky stars that she accept it. Highly recommend this brand if you have any fussy furry YOU HAVE TO TRY IT and if you don't believe us theres more picture to prove it!! till then twinkle love you.