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Furkid stays over at a boarding facility with other fur friends

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Short-term daytime care for furkids

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403 Sembawang Rd



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Tried for a Shih Tzu

Sep 04, 2020

Great groomer

My baby Precious is very happy to be groom by pawcious style, had tried so many groomer before, everytime baby come bk sure feel scare n emo but so much different when she go to pawcious style, she feel so relax n can see her smiling face when mummy go fetch her, so glad finally hve found a good one, and the groomer Winnie jie jie very attentive n passionate, she will highlight to u if she find any skin issue on Yr baby so resasurred to let Yr baby groom by pawcious style



Tried for a Japanese Spitz

Sep 04, 2020

Really detailed groomer

Excellent excellent service from Baoma, i cant stress enough. Firstly she provides a full detailed grooming. From taking pictures of your furbabies and taking care of them so well! Had a bad history with a previous groomer prior to Baoma, he was so rough and caused my furbaby trauma. However after grooming with Baoma, she came home and slept through like a baby!! The spa must be too comforting for her. Hahahaha 10/10 service, she’s my go to groomer for my furkids now! 🥰



Tried for a Singapore Special

Sep 04, 2020

Great service

Chance upon this shop when I was on the way to work while fretting furson’s grooming session. Decided to give it a try and totally didn’t expect to turn out so well!! Fur-mummies totally love it!! This is the only groomer that gets his ears styled properly. Definitely will come back again! Groomer also took a shot and asked if the shape and style is ok. Really love this service! Jacko will definitely come back again!



Tried for a Poodle (Miniature)

Sep 04, 2020

Lovely, passionate staff

Bonbon has been groomed by baoma since she’s a puppy. Love the friendly, passionate and warm peeps at pawcious style. Always so genuine, patient and gentle with Bonbon. Bonbon’s eyes always lit up everytime we tell her that she’s going grooming cause she knows she’ll be chiobu after 😍 can’t wait for her to go back to pawcious style for weekly swims ♥️



Tried for a Poodle (Miniature)

Sep 04, 2020

Excellent Service!

Excellent service! Always patience with my request 👍🏻 Thank you for always making bobo so handsome 😊


Vanessa Chua

Tried for a Pomeranian

Sep 04, 2020

5 out of 5 Stars

We really love this place. Super friendly staff there and mostly importantly waffle is Super neat and tidy. And the cut was what we want. They also have a indoor Swimming pool which is super convenient😜 Would totally recommend this grooming shop ❤️ look at my dog shiok face, he went for spa ! 🥰