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Our philosophy is - nothing for our pets that we would not eat ourselves. All our products are 100% natural, human grade, with zero preservatives, additives or colourings added.

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Duck Jerky, Love the strong meaty scent with rich authentic aromas and delicious taste. And the duck jerky is one of my favourite treat from Pooch Smooch Eats.


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Tried for a Poodle (Miniature)

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Jul 30, 2021

Natural & Tasty

I ordered chicken jerky , pork jerky , chicken feet , and pork small bites. Tried the chicken jerky & pork jerky , they smell amazing !!! She is very excited and couldn’t wait and keep jumping to me to get the treats They also gave us sample size of pork braid & chicken jerky for us to try. Hope to have more product coming up !!!



Tried for a Poodle (Toy)

Jul 21, 2021

Fresh, natural and tasty!

Kona had the Shishamo, Duck Small Bites and Salmon Sticks. They all smell amazing and are obviously natural and freshly made. He loved all of them. The Duck bits and Shishamo were super crispy and tasty and the Salmon Sticks were chewy and smelled amazing. They even threw in a few freebies too! Which he enjoyed just as much. They hand delivered the treats to my doorstep personally which was a pleasant surprise! Everything was packed very well in nice sturdy resealable baggies! Amazing experience!


Yin Yee

Tried for a Pomeranian

Jul 17, 2021

Every doggo should try!

This is our third time we purchase the Pooch Smooch treats! We love the cod chips and salmon treats especially because it smells so good! Plus it is fresh and 100% natural! Nikki loves it!



Tried for a Poodle (Toy)

6 reviews

Jul 06, 2021

Delicious, Fresh, Healthy!

@koda.friend We received the order on the same day it was made - great plus to know it was fresh and would have maximum shelf life! We also received 2 sample packs which contained their each little dehumidifier pack as well. Koda loved all of the treats (salmon sticks, turkey bites & duck jerky). Not surprising because they all smelled delicious and you could hear the crunch when Koda ate them



Jul 04, 2021

Duck feet and shishamo

We got duck feet and shishamo. Pooch smooch has kindly given us some salmon sticks and turkey treats as sample. The moment i opened the shishamo treats, @banditthedoxipoo went crazy for it. So far he's loving all the treats I got for him.