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79 and 81 Brighton Crescent Serangoon Gardens Estate



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Dine with your fur kids. Where they enjoy the food and ambience as much as you do. A pet friendly cafe, where one that does not collect entrance fee and customers bring their own pets on a leash. A menu of healthy food keeps your fur kids happy. Some clients share it with their fur kids. The food is made using human grade meats and vegetables, and cooked without seasoning. All recipes we use are pet recipes, and are safe for your fur kids. We even restrict ingredients that are toxic to pets in our human food, just in case the ever-hungry fur kids gobble them up from the floor. You would not be able to find whole onion or slices, whole chocolates and whole nuts that can cause indigestion to your fur kids. Just be careful not to drop mushrooms onto the floor. We bake pet cakes for your special occasions, with 2 days' notice at least. It can be either fruit or meat based. Choose from chicken, beef and salmon for your meat cake. Fruit cakes can be banana or apple. Fruit, 250 gm $15 Meat, 250 gm $20 Fruit, 500 gm $25 Meat, 500 gm $30


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79 and 81 Brighton Crescent Serangoon Gardens Estate



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Tried for a Japanese Spitz

128 reviews

1 pet

May 08, 2021

Highly recommended!

The owners and staff are really friendly! The food is amazing and affordable, and we always love the coffee here! The cooked food for dogs are well-loved and it is so cheap and affordable! They have scrambled eggs, boiled meats, fruits and doggy cupcakes! I love the cosy and rustic feel of the place, and we always come for every occasion such as birthdays or hangouts. They provide pet bowls for your dog to drink water if you forget and plenty of kitchen towels for clean up. We always leash our dog in here, and other pet owners are equally respectful in their interactions. ❤️


Tried for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

24 reviews

1 pet

Nov 21, 2020

Cheap and good food

Humans are in for a treat because the menu is highly affordable and tastes great. But note that this cafe does not allow off-leash roaming and your dog should not be off-leash running. This is something I appreciate because I would prefer some space with other dogs as you will never know of any accidents that can happen while eating. You don't have to worry about your pet being disturbed by others because other owners should have the sense to keep their pets to themselves while you are eating. Can also book in advance!