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Our school is a Singapore ACRA Registered Full Time Dog Training School. Our school follows the proper program outlines for each of our training programs. Our students go through the same syllabus, achieving the same results upon completion. Dog trainers conducting Sunny Chong’s courses are qualified, full-time and have years of dog training experience in Singapore. Our #1 goal as a team is to help you reach your dog training goals. Our school is very strict on the selection of training grounds. It’s required to be legal, clean and strategically located in a place conducive to facilitating a healthy learning/teaching environment for both dogs and humans.

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Transport is available for Day School programme

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54 Kim Keat Road

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Owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Nov 21, 2020

Waste of $

This happened when Loki was a pup. Although I do see some cases of dogs thriving after training with SCDTS, it did not happen for us. Took the group class and was personally instructed by Sunny Chong. Though theory-wise what he says makes sense but the results doesn't show. Kind of emphasizes force-free and repetition but it totally did not work for us. Despite hands-on demonstration by him, Loki still refused to walk he was basically being dragged. He told us that was how it was supposed to be. They claim to have graduation sessions but from what I see, all dogs under SCDTS will definitely pass and get a cert despite the lack in obedience. Don't bother opting for them if you really want real-life obedience and skills. Opt for them if you merely need the cert.