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Founded by the very people who understand you, the wellness of your pets, and the importance of your time — How time is not meant to be wasted on ‘waiting at the groomers’, ‘traveling to the groomers’, ‘returning to the groomers another day’. That’s why, we created Shaggy Wagon, a pet grooming service that works around your schedule. We put the customer’s convenience and the comfort of your pet as the priority of Shaggy Wagon and that’s what we believe in. Convenience and comfort.

Things to note:
• Daycare Transport $20/way • Grooming transport $10/way • No additional transport charges for Wagon Services, but a $20/dog house call fee applies. • If you require transportation services, please book 24 hours in advance. Cancellation charges apply.


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Transportation Available


Grooming session is conducted typically in a van/large vehicle, brings groomer closer to you

Mobile Grooming

Grooming session is conducted typically in a van/large vehicle, brings groomer closer to you

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2 Tai Thong Crescent

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Jane Peh

Tried for a Siberian Husky

76 reviews

2 pets

Jan 20, 2021

Oolong also goes to Shaggy Wagon!

Oolong goes to Shaggy Wagon as well and they did a very good job for his first groom! He falls under the mid-size category and basic grooming is $110 for him. Transportation is $15/per way so $30 in total. We bought a $419 package and there are some free credits; they are good for grooms but baths might be a bit on the more expensive side. EOD you are paying a premium price for great service so yup; weigh your costs.


Tried for a Samoyed

17 reviews

2 pets

Nov 27, 2020

Bubble Butt

The Shaggy Wagon does the best bubble butt cut!


Tried for a Chow Chow

76 reviews

2 pets

Oct 18, 2020

Fast and quick booking!

Did the booking via Pawjourr, paid $20 deposit and received an email confirmation. Shaggy wagon whatsapped me afterwards to confirm the booking. Throughout the booking session, it has been a pleasant & smooth experience. Only thing is the confusion around the deposit but that worked out fine later on. Did basic grooming + deshed + transportation; $155 in total.


Ailin Lee

Jul 15, 2020

My pup is happy n clean! Great service n this is such a wonderful idea to have grooming on the go. Thank u so much Shaggy Wagon! (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Ailyne Halim

Jul 15, 2020

Excellent service and super convenient! The groomer was also very efficient and quick. Momo came back looking dapper and smelling like a million bucks in no time. Most importantly, he came back very happy (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Chikaze Anna

Jul 15, 2020

Loved my experience with them! very accomadating and many payment methods despite being a mobile business. My dog absolutely loves his hair cut XD (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Cin Chua

Jul 15, 2020

Very professional and patient groomers. Brought Shadow to Shaggy Wagon for his basic grooming. Shadow has anxiety issues and he is also afraid of hair dryer sound which often makes his grooming session an unpleasant one. I highlighted his issue to Andrea from Shaggy Wagon and she is very understanding, reassuring me that she will handle him carefully. She took Shadow for a walk before starting the session. During the session, she even sent us a video of Shadow wagging his tail while being blown dry. This has never happen before. Very impressive! Definitely coming back Shaggy Wagon again. Thank you to the groomers at Shaggy Wagon! :) *photo sent to us from Shaggy Wagon. (Taken fro Facebook reviews)


Shana Teo

Jul 15, 2020

amazing grooming of my kiddos! fuss free. convenient. perfect for a working pawrent, like myself! they both look so happy and contented, relaxed when they returned from their sessions. and the little touch of adding a ribbon to them, i love it! (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Josephine Tan

Jul 15, 2020

Been to both Shaggy Wagon and Shaggy Hangout and all I could say was AWESOME!! Both places comes with the coolest concept, kindest groomers, very clean and cozy environment. Bringing my Furball to Shaggy Team is the best decision ever. Everyone at the groomer's were very friendly and very reassuring. I felt really comfortable and secure having my fur baby in their professional hands. You can feel the pleasant, friendly and loving vibes all around. I am very impressed as I witness how passionate and patience the team can be, when handling all the fur-kids, especially when they’re not cooperating. The team really takes care of your baby wholeheartedly, as if that’s their own child! Lastly, love the sweet touch of presenting your fur baby back to you with a Tiffany blue ribbon on their neck at the end. It puts a smile on my face. Will definitely return for Furball’s next grooming session. Highly recommended! Thank you everyone at Shaggy’s! ❤️ (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Yvonne Law

Jul 15, 2020

I engaged the mobile wagon service. The whole grooming process was done in the cosy wagon which drove to your home. No need to travel and no cleaning up after the grooming. The Groomer Christine handles dog very well. I can see her passion for dog and takes pride in her profession. My dog Spottie even after the session still wanted to jump back to the wagon! Start from booking of the service till the end of the session , I have pleasant experience. Will definitely engaged them again. Thank you! (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Fiionn Ssy

Jul 15, 2020

Sushi had so much fun and that’s when I know it’s definitely not going to be the last time heading there ! Environment is fantastic and ofcos groomer is great , showing lots of love to my big fur baby ! 🥰 (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Natasha Peart

Jul 15, 2020

A review on behalf of @trufflesthechowdoodle: Long story short, I look great. The Shaggy Wagon arrived at the carpark, my mum chatted through my styling needs and then we went into the Shaggy Wagon. Guys, it’s gorgeous. First, there’s no one else there getting groomed to bother you. It’s SO clean and my God did they take good care of me. They even sent Mum a video. My grooming was superb, I absolutely loved it. My coat has gone from drab to fab! To be honest I normally don’t like it at the groomers and can’t wait to come home, but this time-wow, I wish I’d been there all day. My nails are amazing, my tail is dreamy and they managed my face with the artistry I require. If you’re thinking Shaggy Wagon and reading this review, stop reading and start booking- it’s the best! My mum was so impressed by the great hygiene and professionalism, I really liked all the attention being on me and the great job they did. I might send mum to The Shaggy Wagon...I hope they do hoomans. (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Binghong Siah

Jul 15, 2020

Fantastic service. First time there and it exceeded our expectations. Environment was clean and everyone was friendly and helpful. Will visit again. Highly recommended! (Taken from Facebook reviews)


Karen Christiansen

Jul 15, 2020

First time in Singapore that my dogs got a beautiful cut, were happy, and the price was fair. Highly recommend! (Taken from Facebook reviews)