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We do happy! We curate our activities, spaces and team to return you happy furkids across our 3 outlets. Besides daycare and grooming, we also offer specific curricula in our doggy school that suits dogs and puppies of different ages and temperament.

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• Enquire for local pet transport quotation • International pet travel also available

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Space available for furkids to run around

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Furkid stays over at a boarding facility with other fur friends

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Pet owners may purchase products from the store


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Clifton Ong

Jul 15, 2020

Very proficient in handling my dog for grooming and cleaning of his gums. Would recommend this to all who are out there (Taken from Facebook reviews)



Jul 15, 2020

Price reasonable and staff is very friedly and accomodating. (Taken from google reviews)


Boon Chong Tan

Jul 15, 2020

Quick yet affordable grooming (Taken from Google reviews)


Low Jia Ling

Jul 15, 2020

Bad experience. My dog went for a full grooming service and came back with a bleeding nail and 2 nails uncut,her nail was bleeding non stop for quite a long time and apparently the groomer said her assistant missed out on the nails and accidently cut the veins of my dog’s nail. She came back to finish up the job and passed me a powder for my dog’s bleeding nail but seemed to not be very sorry about the situation.I accept that mistakes happens sometimes but they could have handled the situation alot better,they did not inform me anything about her bleeding nail when they sent my dog back(if they did,i would have been more careful with her nail so she can recover better). When my dog came back,i tried cleaning her ears to check if it was really cleaned by them as they said ear cleaning is included,but her ears were still extremely dirty with alot of wax in it,i believe they did clean it but it wasn’t done wholeheartedly. Im writing this review hoping that they can be more aware the next time when they handle another dog, maybe we were just the unlucky ones and not everyone experience the same thing.I paid $195 in total for full grooming and teeth scaling,I do not think they did the best job and i wont be going back the 2nd time for sure.Well,we paid for the services and definitely expects better service than this.Hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else! (Taken from Google reviews)



Jul 15, 2020

horrible customer service. would rate this a 0 if i could . stepped into the place and greeted the groomer and the woman was already rolling her eyes and showing horrible attitude for no reason.my father tried to have a conversation but she just glared and ignored him. i was so shocked. not only tht , she didn’t even shave my dogs fur properly. it’s so patchy and the fact i pay $60 for this is A JOKE. after that she tried to make amends bc she could tell i wasn’t happy by acting all fake and nice but it didn’t work. horrible. 10/10 would not come AGAIN. fix your attitude towards your customers. (Taken from Google reviews)


Dashani Pandian

Jul 15, 2020

Great service and professional groomers. My dog lives it (Taken from Google reviews)


shannon loke

Jul 15, 2020

Positive: Quality it was a great experience despite it being my first time there. The cut was great and the price was reasonable 👌 i recommend this place (Taken from Google reviews)


Thierry Jong

Jul 15, 2020

Used to come here because it's the nearest to my house but the staff is rude and inpatient... Hope there's better pet grooming in the west (Taken from Google reviews)


piyumi Sheryl

Jul 15, 2020

Great! Went there the groom my rabbit and dog🐇🐕 awesome experience First time i go staff was awesome!! Now different staff was okay okay! (Taken from Google reviews)


shawn lim

Jul 15, 2020

Pet republic grooming is dishonest and the groomers are very rough! Quoted me 45 to 60 for basic grooming. Accepted their offer. Went there earlier for collection. Peep at the small glass window and Saw them treat my dog very rough. Swinging his arms and legs when he reiterate. Push n pull him around when blowing dry. Felt very upset n heartbroken. While doing payment. To my surprise they charge me 65sgd. Said my dog takes longer time to deshred and blow dry that why need charge more. They even have the chick to ask me to sign package 3xx. Never ever go to this groomer pet republic. When I pick up my dog He looks really unhappy n sad. The fur is not up to standard. Feels very rough compare to my regular groomer. I guess the shampoo they use is not up to standard. When I bring back home. My family can feel that he is really unhappy. Character changed. He even refused his fav snack No appetite and extremely moody and hide in a corner (Taken from Google reviews)



Jul 15, 2020

I don't even want to put one star, if can i would have given you zero. I am writing this with regard to the unsatisfactory services that the Pets Republic at Jurong East outlet had provided to my poor friend. She sent her dog for grooming and the groomer saw ticks on the dog's body and recommended to shave him. My friend agreed with it just because the groomer persuaded her and she trusted you. However, because of you, the dog is suffering from all the skin infection and his fur is not growing for more than 9 months. Yes, like what you have commented to my friend, it really is an unfortunate incident that nobody expected it. Even the Vet also stated that the groomer had shaved off his inner fur that meant to protect his skin. But instead of handling this matter professionally, you refused to refund the balance to my friend and denied that it is not your responsibility for it. The manager don't even want to talk to my friend, is it because you all are guilty about it and don't dare to face it? Is it because you all don't know what to do. We are not even asking for a full refund, so please refund the balance to my friend. Such a thing happened and you expect people to continue your unprofessional service? No right, is this how you do business? I don't even think you have the love and care for dogs. (Taken from Google reviews)


Karen Ng

Jul 15, 2020

This post might be long overdue. I brought my Pom here several times until this happened. Till now, I’m very disappointed every single time I see my Pom without his fur. It is a painful reminder of the decision I made. I sent my Pom for grooming and the groomer called and said she saw ticks on his body and she recommended to shave him. So, I agreed after she persuaded. (Shaving might be an easy option for them but they didn’t know the consequences of it if they didn’t do it properly). Even till now (more than 9mths), his fur is not growing back. I brought him to several vets that specialized in skin issues and I haven’t seen much improvement (even put my Pom in air con room 24/7 as advised by the vet in hope that it will help to regenerate the fur). Without his fur on his body, my Pom is also suffering from hot spots and rashes on his body (no fur to protect his skin anymore) as assessed by the vet. The vet said bcos of the “roots” of his fur was being pulled out by the groomer, hence his fur is not growing back. This incident has really saddened me and what happened was irreversible. (Taken from Google reviews)


seah wee rin

Jul 15, 2020

I feel sorry for my friend who entrusted her precious dog to the care of the staff whom should have provided professional advice and is knowledgeable on the breed of dogs to be taken care of. It is so unethical to push away responsibility and refuse to refund the balance of the package signed for the bad service provided. This is not the right way to do business if you want to go far. To people who consider visiting - think twice. (Taken from Google reviews)


Esther Tang

Jul 15, 2020

I bought my Jersey Wooly rabbit there with very dirty smelly butt, suspected due to medication. Poo sticking all over her butt. I was afraid she get infaction if delay. I even told the lady my bunny suspected to have furmite. Has been given 3 dose of Revolution. This was the 1st time my rabbit grooming, as I bought her when she was already 8 months old.Hair tangled. She was afraid, stomping feet not willing to cooperate. The lady in charge didn't hesitate at all. To my surprise, when I pick up my wooly she was totally look very clean and nice. When reach home she happily run around feeling comfortable believed after a good nice spa bath. (Taken from Google reviews)