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An Animal Communicator Told Me Gypsie Thinks She’s My Human Child!

PawjourrMarch 11, 2022~ 4 mins read

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Have you heard of an Animal Communicator? Apparently, they have the ability to understand animals when they listen intently. We were curious and would like to understand Gypsie a little more. That is when we decided to ask an Animal Communicator for assistance. 

Yi Lin will answer questions owners would like to know about their pets and translate that to us from her visions. All she asked was a recent full-body shot of Gypsie. 

I sent her this. 

The first message she received from Gyps from this photograph was that “Gyspie felt cold”. When this was communicated to us, Meyer turned around to look at Gypsie, “Hmmm? Are you cold?” To our amazement, Gypsie, who was lying down on the floor behind him, looked up and responded with a whimper as if vocalising her thoughts! In a manner that we had never heard before! Gypsie stood up excitedly and wagged her tail, as if surprised to hear we understood her. Well, I do not know if she was really cold but when I don on my clothes on her, she did not disagree with it. 

How do we know if Yi Lin did not just assume Gypsie was cold from seeing how unusually short-coated Gyps was in the photo on that really cold day?

We listened to more of what she found out from Gypsie based on the questions we had.

1. How does she feel when dogs she doesn’t know come into her line of sight during her walks? 

2. How does she feel when we leave her alone at home?

3. What makes her happy or sad?

1. How does she feel when dogs she doesn’t know come in sight during her walks? 

“Seems like she is well-behaved, like a kid who asks permission from daddy and mommy before she goes and play. Then again, she feels that real playing is with her siblings, Ewan and Faye. Otherwise, she is not very interested. She will want her siblings to join in her play together, especially your daughter. She’s more of the “Let’s do things together as siblings” attitude! Very attached and also sees herself as a human child in the family. She feels neglected when she is not involved in the kids’ activities.”

You know what? She always wants to be involved in Ewan and Faye’s play. 
When they play ball, she wants to play too but we don’t let her because she doesn’t know the rules. She would hoard the ball and run away with it. Other times, she would chase them for the ball and nip them to win the ball over. Her nips are akin to bites and when excited, they hurt! 
On other occasions when the kids are playing water in their swimwear at the patio, we would lock the door and keep her out. Well! I don’t want her to get wet and then spend an hour drying/dematting her! Every time, she would scratch the door, bark at them to let her play and whimper when she wasn’t allowed to join them. Awww….

I vividly recall a Dog Run visit at West Coast with Ewan, Faye and three of their cousins. We brought all five human kids and her to the Dog Run! She was ecstatic! There were dogs in the Run, her human siblings were in the Run but there was one problem. It was extremely muddy. The five kids got themselves dirty and hurried out of the Dog Run to find a toilet to wash up. They were in there for just 5 minutes! Instead of playing with the other dogs, Gypsie dashed after her humans! She in the inside and them walking on the outside, separated by the fence. She was confused, she was barking and whimpering. She was telling us, “I WANT TO GO WITH THEM!” 

Meyer and I told her to go play with her own kind! Ewan and Faye were just going to the toilet and back. As astounded as we were, she did not want to play anymore and kept getting us to open the gate to leave. She must find her human siblings. 

That was such an interesting revelation of the kind of dog Gypsie is. 
However, she doesn’t really seek permission from us when she meets other dogs on our walks though. In fact, we find her to be ill-behaved *haha* because she would bark and growl at some of them! That’s a growing issue we are working so hard to eradicate. Our trainer is certain the reason why she is selective to certain dogs is because of a bad experience in her past; that she is protecting herself by barking at them and willing them to go away. 

2. How does she feel when we leave her alone at home?

“If you leave her at home, she gets upset. She lies there, looking out at the balcony so sadly. Her last message to you is, “Mommy, bring me along.””

We bring Gypsie out every opportunity we could. We would even choose eateries that welcome her little furry existence. Sometimes though we would really want to eat at a restaurant, with air-conditioning. Those times, we have to say goodbye to her. 

Her reaction would vary but mostly, she stays home quietly watching us close the main door without retaliation. It felt like she was taking it well each time! Well, if this is true that she forlornly waits for our return by looking out sadly into the “not so far horizon”, we will try to leave her alone as little as we can.

3. What makes her happy or sad?

“What makes her happy? She showed me a scene of her licking your face. What makes her sad? When she cannot be involved in activities with the family.”

My face is the most licked in the family for sure! Both paws on my shoulders like a neck hug and saliva all over from my ears to forehead, nose, cheeks and lips! *ahhaha * neck too.

Many would probably look at these answers with a sense of doubt. Can humans really understand animals? Through a picture? They can ask animal questions?

I took a chance to interview Yi Lin with some burning questions. Read the full disclosure in my blogpost!

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