Cheap and good deals on Truffle’s recommendations! Part 2

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I am back for more Shopee recommendations! If you haven’t read part one, click here :

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This post will be featuring all things silicone!

Why silicone?

  • High heat resistance of up to 315 degree Celsius, but in most kitchen tools, the maximum temperature stated is around 200-250 degree Celsius.
  • Stain resistant. Silicone is non porous, hence is does not retain odors or smells.
  • Suitable for use with non stick pans (Silicone utensils). It will not damage the pans when cooking, the flexibility also allows users to scrap off any bits and pieces easily off curved surfaces.
  • Invention of collapsible silicone products, allowing users to maximize kitchen storage space.

My mother was not a fan of anything other than wood because she think silicone is like plastic, it will melt and pose health risks.

… Until I bought silicone utensils and containers. Now she grow to like them because wooden spatulas are DISGUSTING!

They absorb smell, color and even oil over time. Try soaking your wooden utensils in hot water!

Some products mentioned below may also be in part 1 of my blog.

Silicone collapsible containers.

Silicone collapsible containers

This is my go to container for home cooked food storing!

It is collapsible so it saves a lot of space. The lid is pretty air tight as well, no leaks.

Easy to wash, fast drying too.


Ice cube tray with lid (1)

Ice cube tray with lid

I use this to freeze my bone broth.

The bottom part of the ice cube tray is quite soft and made of silicone, easy to pop the cubes right out.

Just squeeze a little and bam! It is also BPA-free and stack-able.


Smaller ice cube tray with lid

Ice cube tray with lid (2)

Some of you told me that the ice cube tray with lid (1) is sold out/ limited quantities.

This is an alternative if you need it! Cute and compact as well! Only con is that the size of the cubes will be smaller.


Silicone cooking utensils

Silicone cooking utensils

Purchased from this seller multiple times, good quality!

Good hold, it is light, yet provided a little bit of weight.

I purchased both the thin and thick spatulas, soup ladle, brush.


Silicone glove

Silicone glove/mitt

This is cheap, works as intended. Whats not to like?

Flexible, non stick design provided a good hold.

I use them to remove trays from steamer/dehydrator/oven.


Silicone lid cover

Silicone lid cover

Watch the video on the listing, the suction is really that great.

I once saw retail store selling a set of these at $16.

Good for storing leftover food/fruits in a bowl. Also… It is leak-proof. Try it yourself!


Silicone food thongs

Silicone food thongs (Many variations)

I use this thongs for basically everything. It is my best kitchen utensil so far because it is incredibly versatile.

Used for cooking, picking food, when cutting meat, to reach into deeper part of the oven to adjust a piece of meat.


Collapsible silicone colander

Collapsible silicone colander

Its silicone, its collapsible, its a colander!

Collapsible products are so precious,
anything that can save space = worth the try.


Collapsible silicone dog bowl

Collapsible silicone dog bowl

For outdoor feeding: Truffle’s food is packed in thermos flask to keep warm and this is my go to bowl for feeding.

I purchased the silicone lid cover (as recommended above) to cover this bowl after feeding to prevent staining my bag.


Collapsible silicone funnel

Collapsible silicone funnel (CUTE)

This may not be relevant to the dog food context, but this funnel is very space efficient.

Regular funnels are so big and hard to keep, it made my cabinet messy.

Although this is small, it works as intended, just have to pour large amounts of liquid slowly.


Silicone bottle set

Silicone bottle set

Outdoor swimming for furkids and need to bring shampoo? This is it.

Contents can be squeezed out very easily, portable and pretty looking too.

Hoomans can use this when furkids doesn’t need it, for stay-cations!


Silicone coaster

Aesthetically pleasing silicone coasters

Aesthetically pleasing silicone coasters!

This product is sold almost 8.3k times! I got this even though I already have silicone coasters at home, because this is too pretty to pass up on.


This will be the end of my silicone recommendations! Happy shopping and be safe ❤

Stay tuned for more!

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