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Exploring TikTok Functions

PawjourrDecember 22, 2021~ 2 mins read

For our second instalment of introducing TikTok, we will be going through the core functions in content creation when using the app. For those inexperienced and nervous about breaking into a new app, TikTok works a slightly different niche — community videos with strong collaborative potential. Videos created on TikTok are made with the idea that everyone can attempt to replicate or put their own spin on it, thus creating endless chances to become popular. So let’s look at the modes that you can use to make your videos more interesting.


First off is the Discover tab. This is the one-stop spot for finding new ideas for content to create with your pawpal. TikTok’s Discover feature sorts out all TikTok videos according to hashtags, filters and sounds. A sound that’s been used a lot will appear as its own category on the Discover page so that you can see what kind of content the sound pairs well with. Likewise, a filter that’s been used a lot will appear as its own category as well.

One of these said effects is GIF Customiser, which runs a timer to take four shots and display them as a gif video. The appeal in it lies in the effect’s other function — recording the behind-the-scenes process of the gif. Pawpals in this video get the spotlight, of course. Just look at how clueless they are during the whole process!


“Use this sound”

Combining audio samples with a particular video style for a shoot is also a good way to get noticed, especially so when the trend was started by hoomans. A recent trend was “Infinity” by James Young, where TikTokers would hold a ring light behind them to create a halo and silhouette, outlining their body contours. Among the many parodies and alternative takes, pet TikTokers managed to fit in just fine and use the ring light in their own ways.


Had to hop on the trend 😆. MuFKR crew necks are on sale now! Link in Bio #MuFKR

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young


Record a video of yourself while another video is playing on the side/top/bottom/behind you. That’s all it is. While deceptively simple, the Duet function allows a lot of room for creativity. A Duet can be used to present images like you would a presentation, to do pet ownership or pet health TikToks. Alternatively, you can create a narrative from someone else’s TikTok. A normal video like your pawpal sitting at the dinner table with wine could look unassuming, but leave it to TikTok to find a way to make a story out of it.


#duet with @annaolala can’t trust these stray cats 🐈 #catbar #atthebar #weddingsinger

♬ original sound – ICONIC AUDIO


If you’re making TikTok content to answer someone else’s video, then stitching would be an easy method to do so. Stitching allows you to use a clip from the video (or just the entire video) to start, then follow up with your own clip immediately after. Pawrents like you can share pet ownership stories using this method of prompt and response.


#stitch with @thebudgieacademy this sounds made up but I swear to you it’s true. #dogsofttiktok #dog #animalconditioning #pettok

♬ original sound – Mree63

Now that you know…

To be honest, the best way to learn about TikTok is through trial and error. Keep looking at people’s TikToks to see what’s interesting and think about how you can incorporate your pawpal into it. Have fun with the functions and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see your Pawpal trending in the Discover tab!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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