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Facts about Cat’s Tail and What are they trying to tell you?

Pawsanova / Kobe.sgSeptember 15, 2020~ 2 mins read

  1. Your cat’s tail helps them to balance. It helps to serve like a “balancing stick” when walking on narrow spaces such as fences or shelves. And the Tail also aids in balancing when a cat is running after or jumping on prey!
  2. Even though cats uses their tails for balancing; they can live without tails too. If a cat’s tail needs to be amputated due to injuries, or born without a tail, their adaptiveness will soon learn to compensate for the loss of their tails. 
  3. Tail injuries can cause permanent damages. Cat’s tails have many nerves that can affect the tails muscles as well as their control of urination and defecation. And pulling on their tails can cause nerve damages; and even though some may heal over time, but it can often be permanent. So never pull on a cat’s tail!
  4. Cat uses their tail to communicate. Their tail is a great indicator of your cat’s mood! 
Credit: Taste of the Wild
Cats are notoriously hard to read. But since they use their tail as a form of communication, that will give you an idea of your cat’s current mood and what might happen next!


  • A high tail means that your cat is feeling confident and happy; that also means that have a friendly intention and if their tail is quivering a little, it means that your cat is very excited to see you! 


  • A low tail means your cats tail is straight down, this can be a sign of unease or fear. BUT, some cat breeds can naturally be carrying their tails lower than other. Do not be alarmed!


  • This is very similar to ‘Low tail’. If your cat’s tail is tucked underneath their body, they are feeling fearful or anxious.


  • This is often a greeting sign when they see someone they know and they like! Sociable cats tend to do this with anyone they meet. Usually this “Question mark” will appear when they are approaching you.


  • Oh, that means they are pissed. Usually feel threatened, they may become aggressive if pushed. Cats do that to make themselves “look bigger”. Their tail is high and puffed up, along with the base of their tail and along the spine. They will instinctively do this when they are startled by something potentially scary.


  • That means they are pissed too. Its squally a rapid motion back and forth showing that they are emotionally stimulated and potentially get angry and aggressive. Cats often to that when they have a disagreement with each other. Usually accompanied by yowling. Cute but feisty.


  • If they twitched their tail, usually means they are experiencing some sort of conflict or feeling agitated. If you’re stroking them and that happens, its recommended to stop what you’re doing; as that might be an early sign to tell you that they begin not to enjoy it. Or sometimes when they wanna do something but they can’t – for example standing in front of a closed door, wants to go out but it won’t open. Or a ball that they are chasing rolled underneath the sofa and they couldn’t get it out.


  • Hunting mode!! Usually happens while playing (Jumping on a toy or hunting). Its recognisable by the slow swaying from left to ride.
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