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Finding the ‘best’ cat litter – Part 2

_meowtalesJuly 12, 2021~ 2 mins read

Remember our review 6 months ago? We have some updated reviews!

We use to say that Kit Cat Snow Peas was our favourite litter, however, something about it must have changed! 🙁 When we first used the litter, odour control was good, clumping was good and no ammonia smell. As time passed, the smell got worst and the clumping tightness was greatly reduced.

Following which, we decided it was time to change litter boxes and swop to another brand – Jolly Cat Crushed Tofu Litter. Though there were some things that we did not like such as the tracking, we made the switch because Jolly Cat Crushed Tofu Litter has proven its great odour control, clumping is good and easy to scoop and best thing is that it does not stick to the base of the litter box, making it super mess free when clearing.

Many a times, we would get questions like, really so good? But the tracking…. So what did we tell people?

First of all we would tell people the good stuff, because after tirelessly trying so many brands of litter (i think we tried at least 15-20) and different kinds like tofu, bentonite, corn and pine, Jolly Cat has proven its worth – both price and functionality wise.

When it comes to reducing tracking, what we did was to change out litter boxes to either covered or those higher ones where the cats would have to jump in and out of.

We are currently using CatIdea Cat Ear and Iris Top Entry Litter Boxes. With this we realised that tracking has reduced significantly. To further ensure that tracking was kept to the minimal, we used a litter trapping mat 🙂

Our favourite scent

Amongst the 4 scents, we have so far tried Original, Sakura and Lavender. Our top choice – Lavender!

@_meowtales is back with another cat litter review! This time featuring Jolly Cat

Not only does it not have any ammonia smell when we clean up or after the cats pee, it musks so well that when in a confined room, we would not even know that the cats has pooped as there was no foul smell! The room would also have zero odour be it pee or poo!

If you have not tried Jolly Cat, we recommend that you should and just ignore the fact about tracking cause you are going to love the other benefits that it brings to your household! 🙂

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