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I Tried out Naturvet Tear Stains Supplements for a Week! – Suitable for Cats and Dogs

PawjourrJune 29, 2021~ 3 mins read

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What are Tear Stains?

Tear Stains are dark brown or reddish marks that can appear under your pet’s eyes. It can affect both dogs and cats and are usually more prominent on animals with light coloured fur. According to Dogtime, Epiphora, a condition that comes from excessive tear production or the inability to properly drain tears, is usually the source of the stains.

My cat, Sir Nicky, is an exotic shorthair cat who requires regular grooming on account of his tear stains. His tear ducts generate a brownish discharge after a nap, which tends to stick to his fur resulting in stains.

This is how he looks on the daily (without grooming). As you can see, there is discharge most prominently seen in the inner corner of his eyes. For discharge located near his eyelids, it is difficult to clean without irritating him.

This is him after heavy grooming. As you can tell, the stains still remain after cleaning, and a new discharge has already occurred.

Naturvet Tear Stains Supplement for Cats and Dogs

For his comfort (and my ease), I decided to try out Naturvet Tear Stains supplement. These specially formulated soft chews are aimed at reducing unsightly tear stains from the inside out. It supposedly assists our pet’s immune system and lubricates mucous membranes to reduce discharge. One tub consists of 70 chews, which should last an average user around 30 days.

My cat weighs an average of 4 kilograms, so I followed the instructions carefully. For an animal his size, it is recommended that they take 1 chew a day, til visible improvement is noted. Afterwards, continue to use after an additional 30 days, to hone in the supplement’s effectiveness.

On the tub’s cover, a sticker notes it as Veterinary approved and recommended.

The soft chew itself is brown, with a rather crumbly residue. It remains solid when picked up and is roughly the size of my fingernail.

I wasn’t so sure if he would take well to these supplements hence I decided to mix them into his regular food. Sir Nicky is fed a regular diet of Schesir wet canned food and Wishbone kibble. The chew itself is easy to crumble. He finished his meal without any issue, indicating that the addition of the supplements did not bother him or was tasty to eat!

Our Weekly Trial

The next day I checked out his discharge in the morning.

Not sure if I could note any visible improvements yet I decided to continually feed him the supplements for a week.

At one point, I tried to mix things up and feed him the chew on its own. Though he responded well to it, I think he found the chew’s soft texture rather hard to grip with his teeth. The result? Crumbs scattered all over on my freshly mopped floors. 

Unless your pet would be able to chew and grip the supplement on their own, I’d recommend crumbling it up into their daily meals for a cleaner and fuss-free feeding experience!

5th day after eating supplements. The discharge has improved slightly. I also noticed that throughout the day, he has little or no discharge. I found myself needed to clean him a lot less.

However, I did note that Sir Nicky began to lose interest in the supplements midway through the week. In order to convince him to eat it, I covered the supplement in his favourite cream-based snack. For dog owners, I’d recommend finding something similar– perhaps some dog-friendly peanut butter, if it is suitable for your pet. 

After a week of supplements, here is how he looked:

Yes, this is the same cat!

 (Apologies for the over-exposure in the 2nd picture, Sir Nicky isn’t the most compliant paw-del)

Most notable improvements

  • Daily discharge is runnier and easier to clean 
  • Fewer stains on his fur
  • Discharge is greatly reduced throughout the day

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, I think the product does work. I definitely saw improvements after only a week of use. Though Sir Nicky grew to dislike it after some time, I think that might just be a matter of personal preference. It wasn’t difficult for me to mask the supplement in other tastier snacks he enjoyed in order to convince him to eat it. 

I am most impressed by the product’s ability to reduce tear stain discharge throughout the day. Though he would still accumulate some discharge overnight, the reduced amount of tears throughout the day helped time as I no longer had to groom him as frequently. Plus, it also kept him looking handsome and clean all day long!

Try it for yourself!

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