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Top 5 Petfluencer Photography Tips

NikkiJuly 28, 2021~ 2 mins read

Starting your pet influencing journey?

As a pet influencer, there will always be times where you have to post a photo of your pet with a sponsored product. Instead of simply posting a still image of your pet with the pet product beside it, up your petfluencer game by varying pet poses and making it more dynamic!

Here are some of the simple yet effective ways to take fun shots of your pet with the product.

1. Catch that mlem

First, position your pet next to the product. Feed them a treat and snap multiple shots while they are engrossed in licking their lips. This is a great way to demonstrate how yummy the product is!

Designer Tip!: You can set your phone/camera mode to ‘Burst shots’ for fast and efficient photo capture and pick the best one.

Another easy trick is to dab some wet pet food onto the back of the product’s packaging and take a quick shot when your pet is in the midst of licking it.

2. Product Interaction

The product speaks best for itself when it is seen enjoyed by pets. Get some candid shots of your pet in the midst of eating or playing with the product for a genuine review.

3. Eyes on the Prize

One of the few basic ways to improve your photos is to capture eye contact!

Many underestimate the power of audience engagement when the pet makes eye contact with the camera. The easiest way is to call your pet’s name or any word that catches their attention, otherwise, simply hold a treat or a toy above the phone/camera.

4. Set the Stage

Taking photos in different locations can also refresh the look of your pictures.

Be it at the park, the streets or at home, do remember to make use of natural lighting for optimum photo quality. Ensure that the background is clutter-free and plain enough so that the focus would remain on your pet.

For food-related products: Fancy plating and props will definitely help spice up your pictures. If you don’t have many resources on hand, you can always experiment with your product’s arrangement to make them stand out from the ordinary.

5. Dress it Up!

Dressing your pet up for the occasion also helps to personalise and bring a touch of fun into the picture. This is also a good chance to finally show off all your fancy wardrobe collections!

Designer Tip!: Try to find costumes that best compliment the product. A little goes a long way when it comes to telling a story through your pictures.

Anyone can be a petfluencer – you don’t need professional skills or expensive props! Just remember our 5 simple tips:

  1. Catch that mlem!
  2. Interact with the product
  3. Capture eye contact
  4. Set the stage
  5. Try on costumes

Challenge yourself to make the most of what you have, as well as thinking out of the box!

Remember, the effort you put in your pictures are definitely recognised and appreciated by your followers and brands! So keep these tips in mind and have fun being a better petfluencer!

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.



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