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When Separation Anxiety Meets Separation Anxiety

willbebullsloadingOctober 06, 2020~ 2 mins read

Getting a bulldog, as I’ve read in countless articles and magazines, would be hard. I knew that. I knew that I’d have to deal with skin issues and separation anxiety. But what Google didn’t prepare me for was how much I had to sacrifice. 

The tugging and pulling

I’ve had MomoKill for about 7-8 months now. The longest I’ve ever left her alone is 5 hours, when I had to leave the house for other commitments. One of the biggest reasons is this:

Every time I try to leave the house, she’d pull my clothes or my bag, holding me back. Going up against a bulldog isn’t the easiest thing. She has so much strength that I’d leave the house sweating, like I just got into a fight.

The heartbreaking cries

It gets harder when MomoKill gives up. The moment she realises that I will leave whether she pulls me back or not, she’d start crying and whining until I go back in the house. Strength is not a weapon anymore at this point. But she knows her cries are my weakness. I try not to give in, but whose heart wouldn’t melt with a face like this staring at you?

Going out without MomoKill

The only thing I can think about when I leave the house is whether my baby feels like I’ve abandoned her. Not one time have I gone out without worrying about MomoKill.

This got to a point where my friends got annoyed because all I’d talk about is my furkid. All I’d think about is what I could get my furkid while I’m out. My friend even told me off because he thought I was “too dependent on MomoKill”. I was honestly tempted to end the friendship because of that.

Here is a photo my mum sent to me while I was out. MomoKill was waiting and looking out the window, acting anxious and pacing around.

Returning home

When I finally return home after a few hours, the first thing I see is her waiting at the door for me to come home.

My photo gallery has pictures of her and nothing else. When I can bring her, MomoKill comes along with me everywhere I go. It has come to a point where my friends have accepted that if they want to see me, they’d see my dog as well. It may not be very healthy, but I don’t ever want to leave her.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for her and for this relationship that we have. However, my internship is starting soon and I’d have to be out more. I don’t know how she would be able to cope without me. More importantly, I don’t know how I’d be able to cope without her. Nevertheless, she’d have to learn, and I guess I’ll have to as well.

Many books and online articles try to help dogs with their separation anxieties. I hope someone writes an article on how pawrents can get over their separation anxieties with their dogs too..

(P.S. If you happen to have tips or can relate, please leave a comment so we can help each other out! 🥰)

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