LEAH Laboratories

The Client

Lifengine Animal Health Laboratories (LEAH Labs) is start-up dedicated to curing cancer for dogs by using gene editing to develop curative cellular therapies.

The Goal

A New Hope Lymphoma accounts for 83% of all canine blood cell malignancies and is the most commonly managed cancer in veterinary oncology. But still, up to 1.5 million dogs die from B cell lymphoma every year in the United States alone. The current standard of care is an unacceptable treatment, only giving our furry family members a single year of life in the most responsive outcomes. LEAH Labs is changing the script. They are in the midst of fundraising and wants to tap into TWA’s pool of pet influencers to raise awareness about their crowdfunding campaign.

The Strategy

We engaged 14 pet influencers who resonate strongly with LEAH Labs’ mission, to shared about the prevalence of canine cancer. With our network of influencers, we’ve managed to raise awareness about their campaign, which to date has raised more than USD$900,000 in funds for their cause


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