All in One Dog Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs

All in One Dog Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs

Balanced Breed

Balanced Breed

We (a small family business) had been searching the pet supplement market for our adopted and rescued lil man, “George.” Only to find products that included pea fiber and powdered cellulose (wood shavings)! Not knowing George’s entire mix of breeds, we were set on a mission to combine only the healthiest, organic ingredients to reach his full potential. Hence, “Balanced Breed” was born! Pet Supplements created by pet parents, for pet parents.

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Campaign start date: Mar, 2022

Campaign ID: 131

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All in One Dog Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs

All in One Dog Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs

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$24.95 retail value.

+ Holistic Dog Vitamin - Balanced Breed Multivitamins for Dogs is a natural supplement that is packed with essential nutrients, minerals, & probiotics that may not always be present in your dog's food. + No Bad Stuff - our Multivitamin for Dogs is free of dairy, grain, filler, by-products, or chemicals that may cause problems or harm. A Dog Vitamins Multivitamin that's non-GMO & Made In The USA. + Yummy & Easy to Chew - a Vitamin for Dogs that's sure to be a hit with your pooch's taste buds. + Naturally flavored Dog Multivitamins - no wrestling to get them to take your Dogs Vitamins. + Best For All Breeds and Sizes - for pooches 12 months and older. Give 1 chew/day for Dogs up to 50 lbs., and 2 chews for 51 lbs. & up. We believe a quality Dog Multi-Vitamins Supplement should use limited, All-Natural Ingredients to make for the Best Vitamins for Dogs. At Balanced Breed, we care for your pets as much as our own.

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