B for Bronco

B for Bronco

Farm to table nutrition Dedicated to the prime selection of ingredients, the delectable freshness, and irresistible flavors are accentuated by our one-of-a-kind traditional gastronomy, carefully sealed and served in every Bronco meal.

Campaign Brief:

We are bringing back Petsclub's top-selling dog wet food, Bronco Pate! 🥳

Since the first campaign, Bronco has been a top favorite with our dog influencers - consisting of 95% free-range meat, choose from 6 delicious variants such as chicken, pork, lamb, salmon, cod, and turkey! 🤤

The ideal dog content creator should be on a wet food diet and is interested to try out some new products this December! Please make sure that you do proper food transition for new users.


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Campaign start date: Dec, 2021

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Bronco Pate Dog Wet Food Tray

Bronco Pate Dog Wet Food Tray

Pet Food & Supplements

$6.6 retail value.

Each Bronco Pâté tray features a rich and decadent spread of fine quality meats slow-cooked into a smooth delectable pâté. Prepared only with Austria’s natural spring water, the sweet freshness of our ingredients is perfectly accentuated - making every meal a pure and irresistible enjoyment. - Natural Spring Water - Free Range Meat - Sustainable Ingredients - Grain & Gluten-Free - No Artificial Preservatives - No Artificial Colours - Complete & Balanced Nutrition - Limited Ingredient Recipe - Made in Austria

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