CatCare Pet Water Fountain

CatCare Pet Water Fountain



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What is Love? A question we wonder about every day. Pets give us unconditional Love. Make life full of joy and trust. Turn us into better lovers. We try so hard to find the meaning behind their every woof, and every purrs, every blubs, every neigh...We are eager to read their mind, to understand what they need because we want to give them the Love they deserve. Love them back the way they want. To make them happy.

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CatCare Pet Water Fountain with ultrafiltration water technology, providing clean and safe drinking water for your pets. The product is suitable for cats and small dogs.

The water fountain has 3 layers of filtration - stainless steel, foam and ultrafiltration filters, ensuring maximum efficiency in filtering fresh water

The ultrafiltration system gives your pet comprehensive protection. Keep your beloved healthy with fresh, clean drinking water

We are looking for 15 TikTok influencers and 15 Instagram influencers to create fun and creative videos for the product

Join the campaign to show us how you care for your pet!

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Campaign start date: Mar, 2022

Campaign ID: 112

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CatCare Pet Water Fountain

CatCare Pet Water Fountain

$45 retail value.

CatCare Pet Water Fountain with ultrafiltration purification technology - bringing fresh and clean drinking water for your pets with 3 layers of filters Suitable for cats and small dogs, the water fountain is intended for indoor use

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