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What is Love? A question we wonder about every day. Pets give us unconditional Love. Make life full of joy and trust. Turn us into better lovers. We try so hard to find the meaning behind their every woof, and every purrs, every blubs, every neigh...We are eager to read their mind, to understand what they need because we want to give them the Love they deserve. Love them back the way they want. To make them happy.

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DogCare Smart Pet Clipper, quiet, safe & fast trimming with auto speed adjustment for any pet. It gets all your grooming done like magic.
DogCare is looking for dog influencers to create a video for them on IGTV, to promote their latest grooming product.
Why do you need a professional-grade pet clipper at home?
Many pet parents complain that cheap pet clippers do not have enough power to shave long and thick coats, and they will break down soon either! So they buy an expensive professional clipper instead of the cheap one. Then, we will hear “too heavy”, “heat up so fast”, “noise” and so on. A normal pet owner definitely cannot handle a professional grooming tool. DogCare finds out all the pains of the consumers and provide perfect grooming tools for them, which do not need to spend as much as a professional one.
Key benefits which you can enjoy:
  • Powerful motor
  • Patented heatproof
  • Smart tech
  • Ultra-quiet <60db
  • Wireless operation
  • 3-hours long runtime

This is a paid campaign, selected influencers will receive a cash payout upon completion of the deliverables.


Campaign start date: Nov, 2021

Campaign ID: 76

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DogCare Pet Clipper

DogCare Pet Clipper

$119 retail value.

The power of technology can bring more happiness to every pet owner. DogCare Pet Clipper is World's First Smart Clipper that turns every pet owner into a pet groomer. With the smart chip, groom your pet at home is as easy as pie! Click on the ’SMART’ button and let DogCare do the rest of the job. Perfect For Dogs With Super Long & Thick Coats! Featuring a heavy-duty motor with high torque speed, DogCare provides strong and lasting power to the running blades that excludes any occurrences of clogging and snagging. It performs perfectly especially on dogs with long and thick coats like German shepherds. 62dB with 6600 RPM Using quiet mode for slow and gentle clipping. DogCare runs at a very low volume especially suitable for sensitive pets. Clip With No Extreme Heat Equipped with Aluminum Allot Structure Stimulates Airflow + Patented Heatproof Blades Technology, DogCare prevents the blades from overheating during clipping, protecting your pet at all times. Heatproof Blades Have you ever wondered why your pet always struggles during trimming? Experiencing pain or discomfort might be one of the reasons! DogCare has features that make grooming a quick, comfortable, and safe experience for your beloved pet. Featuring unique heatproof blades and air-flow mechanics structure design, DogCare keeps the blades cooler at 107.6ºF or lower. Other clippers can reach up to 118.4ºF to 136.4°F, temps that are uncomfortable for pets. Ps. Normal body temperature for dogs and cats is 101°F to 102.5°F.

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