Healthy Pet Assist Kickstarter Campaign

Healthy Pet Assist Kickstarter Campaign

Healthy Pet Assist

Healthy Pet Assist

The Healthy Pet Assist's goal is simple—to make it easier for you to give your pet the attention and love they deserve through exercise and playtime. The Healthy Pet Assist makes this possible; it is designed to safely, easily, and conveniently accommodate your pet’s needs and improve their overall health and well-being.

Campaign Brief:

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We are looking for influencers who are sincere with their referrals. Since the HPA is not 100% fully developed, there will be no sponsored products for influencers to try.

Therefore, the shout-outs will be based on the expected functionality and results as introduced on the HPA's site.

It is a must for influencers to read and study the information I put together on this site and to ask me questions if they are in doubt about something.

What makes the assessment of the HPA harder is the fact that there really is nothing like it in the marketplace.

We live in a world where our relationships with our pets are very valuable and only getting greater all the time. We also live in a world where many pet parents have both little space to let their pets roam and have little time and energy themselves to give their pets the exercise they need. HPA is designed to help pet parents give their pets the exercise and boredom prevention they need to live healthier and happier lives.

Feel free to use any type of deliverable on any platform you would prefer, be it a picture or video!

You will be required to quote your expected reimbursements for the scope of work.


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Campaign start date: May, 2022

Campaign ID: 123

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Healthy Pet Assist

Healthy Pet Assist

Pet Accessories

$198 retail value.

The HPA is a mechanical device that is app controlled and can carry pet food or toys across an adjustable track. Our pet gadget is based on the fact that pets are attracted to movement, and once they see an object move, they will instinctively chase it. The HPA has many safety features and can even release treats at your command.

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