Walkies with Heather's Heroes

Walkies with Heather's Heroes

Heather's Heroes

Heather's Heroes

Heather's Heroes is a world famous producer of dog training tools. Located in beautiful Utah, we design, develop, produce, and proof several "dog approved" products. These tools help develop better human and dog relationships.

Campaign Brief:

Campaign ID: 171

We are looking for 20 USA dog influencers who are interested in trying out Heather Heroes's dog training tools for safer walkies with your pup!

Share about what you love about the products and brand.


1 x IG Newsfeed Static Post

Things to note:

  • Your pets and the products should be shown together in the same frame.
  • The picture should be high-res and taken in a brightly lit environment.
  • No competing products should be shown.
  • Image should be up on the newsfeed for at least 3 months


  • Tag @heathersheroespets as paid partnership on IG post Tag @pawjourr @thewoofagency @heathersheroespets #thewoofagency #pawjourr #sponsored #heathersheroes

Campaign start date: Jun, 2022

Campaign ID: 171

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Key Products to Promote

Choose only one from the following:

The Sidekick

The Sidekick

$38.99 retail value.

The Sidekick is the most effective tool to calm excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity and aggression. Available in Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Black and Red

Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables.
You may proceed to share your content on social media within the stipulated deadline

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