Happy Mid-Pawtumn Festival

Happy Mid-Pawtumn Festival

Pets Club SG

Pets Club SG

Pets Club SG is committed to enriching the lives of pets across Southeast Asia (or Singapore) by bringing only the best pet products that we are sure your little ones will adore. As one of the leading pet product distributors in Asia, we have enduring partner relationships with over 650 pet specialty and grocery stores across Singapore. Over time, we have built a community of pet lovers to share our love for pets with. You can read our blog for more pet care tips, or simply connect with us on social media if you have any questions, feedback or comments! We are always here to listen.

Campaign Brief:

Attention all accomplished cooks. 📣 Pets Club Singapore is here to provide you materials required to make your very own doggy mooncakes so that our doggy fur friends can join in the festivities this mid-autumn season! 

We are looking for 30 dog pawrents to join in this campaign where you will be tasked to deliver the following: 

  • Cute, entertaining, or informational photos and/or videos of your mooncake making process, featuring Bronco Pate Wet Food
  • Make it fun! Cooking can be a great bonding activity so don't forget to showcase your interactions with your furkids. 🤪
  • Get creative and tweak the recipe to your furkid's liking! 
  • Showcase your furkid digging into your delicious homemade mooncake with the remaining Bronco Pate products shown in the background/ frame
  • Try to ensure the background isn't too messy or cluttered

You will have a week's time to prepare for the post during the campaign period.


  • Tag @petsclubsg Include hashtags #PetsClubFam #BroncoPetFood #BroncoPate #HealthyDogFood

Campaign start date: Sep, 2021

Influencer Preferences

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Key Products to Promote

Choose only one from the following:

Bronco Pate Wet Food for Dogs

Bronco Pate Wet Food for Dogs

Pet Food & Supplements

$9 retail value.

Bronco Pate Tray Dog Food is a complete and balanced grain-free wet food suitable for adult dogs. Made of fine quality meats, each tray is slow-cooked into a smooth delectable pâté. - Comes in a 100g Tray - Adult Wet Food - Made with Natural Spring Water - Made with Free Range Meat - Made with Sustainable Ingredients - Grain & Gluten-Free - No Artificial Preservatives - No Artificial Colours - Complete & Balanced Nutrition - Limited Ingredient Recipe - Made in Austria

Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables.
You may proceed to share your content on social media within the stipulated deadline

1 x

Instagram Newsfeed Carousel Post

Creative Direction:

  • Showcase and share with us the entire dog-friendly, mooncake-making process with your furkid!
  • We're looking for fun and genuine interactions between you and your furkids, in addition to scrumptious scenes of them consuming your creations.
  • Use a combination of photos and videos for the best results! 
  • You're encouraged to post about the campaign during mooncake festival (21 Sep)

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