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PackHire, a new employment search engine and recruiting firm exclusive to the pet industry, has announced its official launch. PackHire serves the pet-loving community through its platform where job seekers can search jobs in a variety of industries such as veterinary care, grooming and boarding, dog training, rescues & non-profits, pet food, retail, pet insurance, as well as exciting new pet tech start-ups — at no cost. Employers can post jobs, search the candidate resume database, and work with industry expert recruiters to find quality candidates with niche backgrounds for their pet business.

Campaign Brief:

We are looking for enthusiastic profiles to share about PackHire, consisting of job seekers and employers of the pet industry.

  1. Job Seekers looking for jobs -- Users can register, search for jobs and post their resumes to the website
  2. Employers -- Looking to hire people for their business, by creating and account and posting job listings

The ideal influencer should either be:

  • A pet influencer with significant influence
  • A pet influencer with mostly pet lovers/pet owners as their followers
  • An employer including veterinarian, vet tech, groomer, kennel attendant, pet handlers etc

Selected influencers will receive cash reimbursement according to their proposed rates in exchange for a video to be uploaded on TikTok and Instagram.


  • - Ideally, you should be posting the same video on both TikTok and Instagram - Tag @packhire, @thewoofagency and @pawjourr in your posts

Campaign start date: Jan, 2022

Influencer Preferences

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Key Services to Promote

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Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables.
Final submissions are subjected to the client’s approval.

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