Spread the Christmas Cheer!

Spread the Christmas Cheer!



Get rewarded for having fun with your pets! From campaigns to modeling opportunities, work with your favorite brands to create amazing content together.

Campaign Brief:

Christmas is coming and you know what that means -- it is time for Pawjourr's Secret Santa Event! 🎅

Celebrate the season of giving by joining us as a Secret Santa + Santee. A unique 'job' that comes only once a year! As a Santa, you'd be tasked to spread some Christmas cheer to your Santee. Meanwhile, keep a lookout for a gift from your Santa too!


  • This event is limited to the first 50 cats and 50 dog applicants
  • You will be paired with pet owners of the same pet type. (e.g Cat owner with cat owner)
  • Only 1 entry per household (Regardless of the number of pets)

Gift Guide

✅ YES ✅

❌ NO ❌

Commercial pet treats

Taking into consideration of any dietary restrictions


Due to sizing challenges

Dehydrated treats

Taking into consideration of any dietary restrictions


Due to sizing challenges

Pet accessories

(incl. leashes , collars, bows and bandanas)

Expired food/ treats and/or used products

Pet Toys

Campaign/ Sample products from Pawjourr

Lifestyle products

Taking into consideration of any restrictions

Perishable products (eg. cake)

Due to logistical challenges

Full list of T&Cs and FAQ here



  • - Minimum spend of $30 for your gifts - IG Account should be a public account - All gifts should be sent out by 10 December 2021, via trackable delivery - Be an amazing Santa! Provide good and appropriate gifts to my Santee or you'll be receiving coal from Santa Oolong this year. - You will be banned from all future campaigns and activities should you fail to fulfill your role as a participant in Pawjourr’s Secret Santa (i.e MIA from event, improper gifts etc.) - Be as specific with your wish list as possible to help your Secret Santa find the purrfect gift for your furkid! - However, inappropriate wish lists will not be conveyed to your Secret Santa.

Influencer Preferences

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Creator Types



Pet Lifestages





Key Products to Promote

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Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables.
You may proceed to share your content on social media within the stipulated deadline

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