Pet-demic Stories

Pet-demic Stories

Pet-demic Stories

Pet-demic Stories


Get rewarded for having fun with your pets! From campaigns to modeling opportunities, work with your favorite brands to create amazing content together.

Campaign Brief:

Over the past 2 years, we have struggled through a worldwide pandemic. 


Here at Pawjourr, we want to know your stories, and how you and your pets worked through these tough times together. 


Tell us how:

- Your pet alleviated your pandemic blues

- You adopted a pet during a pandemic

- Your pet-related business has adapted to these trying times

- Your relationships with animals have changed since the pandemic



We are looking for honest, and sincere voices to tell their story. Accepted stories will stand a chance to be featured in an exclusively dedicated article on our Blog. Credits will be given.

Influencer Preferences

Creator Types

Pet Owners


Key Services to Promote

Choose only one from the following:

Pet-demic Stories

Pet-demic Stories

Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables. Final submissions are subjected to the client’s approval.

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Creative Direction:

Head here to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How do you determine who gets selected for the campaign?

- Proven track record of producing high-quality photos with well-thought-out captions in a timely manner. - High engagement level (e.g 5% & above). - Other factors include the frequency of sponsored posts, # of vendors you work with, etc.

(2) What happens if my pet doesn't like the product?

- We understand that not all pets are going to love the same brand, just like humans. In the event that your pet rejects the food, please take a video and reach out to the brand. - Typically, brands will allow pet owners to withdraw from the campaign with no penalty. However, no reimbursement will be given.

(3) What do usage rights mean?

- Usage rights refer to giving brands the right to use your content for paid marketing — e.g. running social media ads with no credits. - To know if the campaign requires usage rights, please refer to the brief. If not, brands can only repost your social media content with proper credits. In the event that a brand uses your content inappropriately, please alert us at

(4) What happens if I MIA and/or back out from a campaign?

- Brands will be able to leave a review on the creator they have worked with on the backend. - In the event that a creator did not complete the project deliverables within the stipulated timeline, and/or quality content with no valid reasons, the brand will likely leave negative feedback and other brands will be able to see them. This will affect your chance to work on other campaigns and/or get selected. - Likewise, a brand will also leave positive feedback for creators whom they enjoyed working with.