Get Ruff!

Get Ruff!



At RuffWalks, we are committed to handcrafting Biothane gears of the highest quality that tailor specifically to the needs of both you and your furkids. Our gears are highly functional, and can be used for all purposes – your daily walks, training programmes and next big adventure. We also strive to keep our products affordable and accessible because we believe every pawrent and their furkids deserve only the best. BioThane is made from a PVC outer coating with an inner polyester webbing. It is lightweight yet durable. It is also waterproof, stinkproof and easy to maintain, ensuring a worry-free experience. We’re ready to get RUFF with you, every WALK of the way.

Campaign Brief:

If your dog loves outdoor adventures, we’re looking for you!Ideal candidate should be an adventurous profile that frequently showcases outdoor shots.

  • Leash should be in focus in shots
  • Outdoor shots (beach, hikes, etc) preferred to highlight the product's suitability under all conditions
  • Share about what you love about RuffWalks' BioThane products!
  • Current ambassadors of other BioThane brands will not be considered for this campaign


Selected influencers will receive a $60 voucher to purchase RuffWalk's standard leash through You may opt for more customization at additional cost.


  • - Tag @thewoofagency, @pawjourr and @ruffwalks_ in your posts visuals. - Hashtag #thewoofagency, #pawjourrpetinfluencer and #sponsored in your captions.

Campaign start date: Jan, 2022

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Standard Leash

Standard Leash

Pet Accessories

$60 retail value.

This functional and aesthetic leash will be your best companion for all walks and adventures. It can withstand all terrains and elements, without giving you a headache post-adventure. Simply rinse your gears down with water, and they’re good as new! Roll in the mud, swim in the sea, or go for a leisurely walk – we’ve got you covered! Crafted using Biothane, make your choice between the ½” or 5/8” wide leashes available. Choose from the wide range of colours available to create a leash that is uniquely yours. Each leash comes with a D ring near the handle strap so you can slip on your poop bag dispensers or other accessories for an even greater hassle-free experience.

Campaign Deliverables

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You may proceed to share your content on social media within the stipulated deadline

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