Showcase the Soggy Doggy Doormat!

Showcase the Soggy Doggy Doormat!

Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy

Soggy paws stop here! Soggy Doggy's microfiber chenille products are modeled on the super absorbency of diver shammys, absorbing water and dirt without absorbing their smells. At Soggy Doggy, focus is on innovative products that keep your pets cozy and your home clean. Soggy Doggy's simple solutions for wet, soggy dogs include: - Doormats - Towels (our Super Shammys) - Dog Beds (our Super Snoozer) - Crate Pads (our Crate Mates) - Placemats for pups (our Slopmats) - Blankets for dogs and their owners (our Sofa Snugglers) (& more innovative products for pet owners).

Campaign Brief:

We are looking for pet owners to showcase the Soggy Doggy doormat in use by some cute pups! It would be best to showcase the doormat either in a doorway or in a car, on the go. It is a "summer home essential" - keeping your dog's muddy paws from making their way across the floor when they come inside. With summer rain and lots of travel on the docket this year, this doormat will help keep your pup cozy and your house/car clean.


About the doormat/Soggy Doggy:

  • This doormat is made with microfiber chenille, a super absorbent and dirt trapping material.
  • We are woman-owned and run.
  • We are a small business.

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Grey Bone Absorbent Doormat

Grey Bone Absorbent Doormat

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$45 retail value.

Soggy Doggy doormats keep the wet and muddy paw prints out of your home! This microfiber chenille doormat is super absorbent, helping you keep your home clean and dry. Plus, it's an ultra soft snoozing spot for your pup!

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