Stay: Superfoods For Your Dog

Stay: Superfoods For Your Dog



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Stay is a fresh dog food company that offers custom meal plans full of fiber-rich ingredients. Our recipes are developed by veterinarians and expert animal nutritionists, then cooked fresh in our Brooklyn kitchen. We believe a healthy dog starts with a healthy gut, so all of our ingredients are designed to improve the gut microbiome, which is important for stronger immune systems, better digestion, higher energy levels, shinier coats, and better poops. We’re the only company that sends free seasonal poop tests (easy and mess-free!) so we can regularly check your dog’s gut health. We use this to personalize your dog’s diet over time so you have a happier, healthier dog! We feed your dog, plus you get to know them from the inside out. This is a whole new approach to dog nutrition.

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Stay is looking for some fun dogs who are ready to chow, and their humans who are excited by fresh meals and eco-friendly packaging!

Stay delivers complete and balanced meals to your dog. We use real meat and fresh, natural ingredients that are rich in fiber.

They offer personalized feeding plans and access to experts to answer any questions you have about your dog’s nutrition. They send free poop tests seasonally to show you how our unique fresh food is improving your dog’s gut microbiome and overall well-being.

Their cardboard is recyclable, the insulation is completely compostable, and Stay only uses sustainably-sourced paper food cartons.

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Campaign ID: 135

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Sample pack of Beef and Chicken Recipes

Sample pack of Beef and Chicken Recipes

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Cooked fresh by Head Chef Jared Hargreaves in our Brooklyn kitchen. We use only human-grade, delicious and fresh ingredients so your dog has the best nutrition! Stay delivers complete and balanced meals to your dog. We use US-raised pieces of fresh meat and delicious ingredients that are gently cooked. Our ingredients are carefully selected for their nutritional value and rich fiber content, which nourish a thriving gut microbiome. Then we freeze the meals to lock those nutrients in every bite. Our recipes are developed by a team of board-certified veterinarians, expert nutritionists, and our head chef, who utilizes small-batch cooking.

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