TAU Homes - a newly designed pet house

TAU Homes - a newly designed pet house

TAU Homes.

TAU Homes.

TAU Homes wants to create an art home for you and your pets. Our pet house is uniquely designed and eco-friendly, we want to provide your paws a happy home.

Campaign Brief:

We are looking for influencers to take part in our campaign. We would like the influencers to showcase how our product can be a perfect heaven for your cat or dogs.

How you would like to showcase the product is up to you, we want you to showcase your creativity too.

Campaign start date: Sep, 2021

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Key Products to Promote

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My Secret Cone Cave Easy Assembly Premium Felt Modern Cat Dog Small Animal Pet House Bed Condo

My Secret Cone Cave Easy Assembly Premium Felt Modern Cat Dog Small Animal Pet House Bed Condo


$70 retail value.

🐶😻 ⛺️ This lightweight felt fabric modern pet home is a wonderful and cozy hideaway for your loved little ones. Shaped in a cone with an oval or window shaped opening, it includes an extra comfortable and warm cushion that is removable and machine washable. 🐶😻⛺️ Zipper construction enables easy assembly and access throughout for cleaning including the interior. This home can be rolled up and placed into a convenient bag allowing you to carry a familiar spot for your little ones when traveling. An easy to carry Oxford fabric case cover is also included. 🐶😻⛺️ This pet house is made with high quality and eco-friendly felt material. The warm and soft cushion is covered with Berber fleece (head side)/Coral fleece (tail side) and filled with 100% pure cotton which bring extra support and softness. Both parts are machine washable. 🐶😻⛺️ Its simple and sophisticated design blends easily with your home decor. Various sizes are suitable for both cats and small or medium dogs. 🐶😻⛺️ There are four different sizes to choose from: XS, S, M and L based on the size of your little ones. Cats and very small dogs (approx. 5 pounds) comfortably fit XS, S and M caves, while slightly larger dogs (approx. 10 pounds ) will need L caves. Dogs that are larger than 15-20 pound may NOT fit. Dimensions: XS - Height: 21" Diameter: 19" | S - Height: 23" Diameter: 21" | M - Height: 24" Diameter: 22.5" | L - Height: 27" Diameter: 26"

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Creative Direction:

Entirely up to you, be creative!

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