Deter Bufo Toads with the Toadal Repellant

Deter Bufo Toads with the Toadal Repellant

Toadal Repellant

Toadal Repellant

Toadal Repellant is a spray formulated specifically to deter or anesthetize Bufo Toads. We help deter the threat from your dog and protect your dog from the threat! Bufo Toads are very toxic to dogs and even licking a toad can cause a dog to have major medical consequences. We are hoping to empower dog owners to protect their dogs from Bufo Toads! This spray can be sprayed directly on the toads or on areas they frequent.

Campaign Brief:

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This has been a passion project! Our Yorkie almost died after licking a Bufo Toad 10 years ago and it has been our personal mission since then to create a product to protect dogs from toads.

We are looking for dog owners/influencers specifically in Florida who are energetic, care about pets and want to protect other dogs from Bufo Toad poisoning! This product can currently ONLY be sold in FL so our only audience right now is Florida dog owners -- ideally Tampa and further south.

Toadal Repellant is specifically developed to deter or anesthetize Bufo Toads. Show us how you protect your dogs from the danger of Bufo Toad poisoning!


This is a paid campaign and the selected influencer will receive $200 upon completion of all deliverables


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Campaign start date: Mar, 2022

Campaign ID: 127

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Toadal Repellant

Toadal Repellant


$20 retail value.

Toadal Repellant is the only available product that can directly target Bufo Toads. No other product on the market is effective at deterring or anesthetizing them. This product is only available in Florida right now as most of Southern to mid FL has an issue with Bufo Toads. Because Bufo Toads are poisonous to dogs if consumed by a dog (even just one lick of a toad can be deadly) we are looking to help empower dog owners to protect their pets!

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