With Love, Vitakraft

With Love, Vitakraft



As one of the top European pet brands, Vitakraft is well known for its sugar-free recipes and high palatability for its pet foods. "With love." -- Each Vitakraft product is produced with care, to contribute to the long and healthy lives of pets around the world.

Campaign Brief:

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Love is in the air again! 💕 

We are looking for pawrents who are just in love with their pet as when they first met.

Dress your pet up to the nines, enjoy a lovely Vitakraft Dinner, and reminisce together on precious memories of your baby when they were a puppy or a kitten. 

Type of content we are looking for

  • A set-up featuring Vitakraft Josie / Poesie Hearts
    • Feel free to include any other props or homemade food into the mix
    • Have your pet all dressed up pose together with the dinner setup. Their human date is welcome to pose together!
  • Feature your pet's baby photos or videos in the subsequent frames

Pawmazing if you can also include the following in your post: 

  • Take a trip down memory lane and look through your pet's baby photos with them
  • Do a comparison slide between the baby photo and current
  • Talk about your love for your pet, the time you've had together, and what they mean to you.
    • Briefly mention Vitakraft Poesie/Josie Hearts within your captions, but need not sell all the product benefits


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Campaign start date: Feb, 2022

Campaign ID: 97

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Vitakraft - Poesie Hearts Cat Wet Food Tray 85g

Vitakraft - Poesie Hearts Cat Wet Food Tray 85g

Pet Food & Supplements

$2 retail value.

- Grain Free - Scientifically formulated for adult indoor cats - Complete feed to FEDIAF guidelines - No artificial colourings and preservatives - Balanced and complete range for all cat breeds - Sugar-Free Recipe - High Palatability Rate ( > 95%)

Vitakraft - Joesie Hearts Sauce and Jelly Tray Dog Wet Food, 85g, Complete food formulated with superfood

Vitakraft - Joesie Hearts Sauce and Jelly Tray Dog Wet Food, 85g, Complete food formulated with superfood

Pet Food & Supplements

$2 retail value.

- Sugar-free recipe - Grain-free - Non-GMO - No artificial colours and flavours - Complete food formulated with superfoods - Suitable for small breed dogs - High palatabilty rate: >95%

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