1. Where will you be posting about Kakato?

We pay based on unique accounts i.e you can opt to post on all platforms!

Please choose at least one method of posting.

If you are posting on more than 1 social media accounts, please make sure to use different photo / caption as we are looking for 2,000 unique posts.

2. Your social media handles

Please ensure given handles are accurate to their spelling and capitalizations.

Please answer the above question to continue.

3. How would you prefer to receive the products?

Note that reimbursement rates are dependent on your choice.

4. Please select your top 4 variant preferences.

We will send *at least 2* from your selection. Variants acquired may differ depending on availability.

No need to choose because you opt in to purchase.

5. Contact & Payment Information.

Your basic info:

* Phone number used for PayNow.


Where did you hear about this campaign?

Referred by:
(Drop their IG / FB username here and they earn $1!)



Do you have any questions/concerns?
In the case of allergies, ensure chosen variants are suitable for your pet.

Let us know & we will get back to you!

6. Your deliverables

If you are posting on multiple social media account with the same pet,
please ensure that each photo is unique (e.g. different background, outfit etc).

Please select your method of posting.

Terms & Conditions