Pawjourr x NNYEO

Pawjourr x NNYEO




At NNYEO, we place pets first. We are committed to curating only the best quality products for our furry companions and creating amazing experiences for pet owners. We want to be the positive impact in the lives of our furry companions

Campaign Brief:

We are looking for pet influencers to share about Pawjourr as a marketplace connecting brands such as NNYEO, with pet owners to co-create content! From paid jobs to modelling gigs, get started on your pet’s career on Pawjourr. It's time to earn your own treats 😎

This is a partial-product sponsorship campaign - come review and share what you love about the brands carried by NNYEO such as Beco Pets, Wild One, Pets Truly, and Lorenz. 

You'll be required to make a purchase from NNYEO's online store directly.

  • Minimum purchase of $18, excluding shipping fee.
    • Applicable to any products available in the store 
  • You will be reimbursed 40%, capped at $10, once deliverables have been completed
  • Each receipt can only be tagged to 1 unique account 


  • Tag @pawjourr and #pawjourr #nnyeopet #nnyeo

Campaign start date: Sep, 2021

Influencer Preferences

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Creator Types



Pet Lifestages





Key Products to Promote

You can choose all the products

Beco Pets

Beco Pets

$ retail value.

High quality, safer for pets & eco friendly products made in the most sustainable ways possible to care for your dog, and look after our planet. View the entire collection at!

Pets Truly

Pets Truly

$ retail value.

A local homegrown company that believe all pets truly deserve the best. View the entire collection at!



$ retail value.

A South Korean brand that emphasises on transparency and uses only the best ingredients for our pets. All products are made in South Korea with ingredients sourced personally from South Korean farms. View the entire collection at!

Wild One

Wild One

$ retail value.

Design-forward aesthetic and functionality focused dog lifestyle brand. View the entire collection at!

Campaign Deliverables

All influencers are expected to uphold the required deliverables. Final submissions are subjected to the client’s approval.

1 x

Instagram Newsfeed Static Image Post

Creative Direction:

Show off your pawdeling skills!  ✨

In your post, show your pets clearly together with the products you've got and how it is being used (eg. feeding time, playtime, heading out). 

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How do you determine who gets selected for the campaign?

- Proven track record of producing high-quality photos with well-thought-out captions in a timely manner. - High engagement level (e.g 5% & above). - Other factors include the frequency of sponsored posts, # of vendors you work with, etc.

(2) What happens if my pet doesn't like the product?

- We understand that not all pets are going to love the same brand, just like humans. In the event that your pet rejects the food, please take a video and reach out to the brand. - Typically, brands will allow pet owners to withdraw from the campaign with no penalty. However, no reimbursement will be given.

(3) What do usage rights mean?

- Usage rights refer to giving brands the right to use your content for paid marketing — e.g. running social media ads with no credits. - To know if the campaign requires usage rights, please refer to the brief. If not, brands can only repost your social media content with proper credits. In the event that a brand uses your content inappropriately, please alert us at

(4) What happens if I MIA and/or back out from a campaign?

- Brands will be able to leave a review on the creator they have worked with on the backend. - In the event that a creator did not complete the project deliverables within the stipulated timeline, and/or quality content with no valid reasons, the brand will likely leave negative feedback and other brands will be able to see them. This will affect your chance to work on other campaigns and/or get selected. - Likewise, a brand will also leave positive feedback for creators whom they enjoyed working with.