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Fish sausage. Absolute treat for picky dogs. Super tasty with mouth-watering fish flavour

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Full Ingredients:

Fish, starch, chicken, cheese, emulsifiers, antioxidants, potassium, sorbate

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Country of origin: China

Fish sausage. Absolute treat for picky dogs. Super tasty with mouth-watering fish flavour


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Sharon Au Yong

Tried for a Dachschund

10 reviews

1 pet

Sep 22, 2021


We have tried the yogurt and sweet potato version from DoggyMan before and he loved it! Now that he loved the fish one too, will definitely purchase when I see them! :) Also these are very fun to feed Kobe with cos he wont bite the plastic but will nibble/ pull the contents out by himself hehe


Tried for a Poodle (Toy)

45 reviews

2 pets

Sep 19, 2021

little sausage

first time trying a sausage snack, my girls loved it! size was good for my 2kg and 5kg girls to share!


Tried for a Japanese Spitz

154 reviews

1 pet

Sep 17, 2021

Yummy sausage!

Quite small per piece. Seems great to bring out but we used it in her meals as a food topper. Reminds me of the human sausage. We cut it up into tiny pieces.



63 reviews

1 pet

Sep 17, 2021

Kona didn't want to finish it

he was skeptical about it, took a bite, and spat it out. Didn't want to eat it, he is a very picky eater after all.



Tried for a Golden Doxie

86 reviews

Sep 16, 2021


My dog loved it so much he demolished it in seconds!

Celestia Lim

16 reviews

1 pet

Sep 15, 2021


Doggyman is one of the brand that she loves! And fish is her favourite. Hence doggyman fish sausage is her favourite!


Tried for a Olde English Bulldogge

162 reviews

1 pet

Sep 14, 2021


Super nice, easy to eat, easy to squeeze out & my dog loves it super much! 🥰❤️