Niboshi Dried Fish


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Delicious anchovy pet snack that contains calcium and protein. Comes with a convenient zipper bag. Suitable for cats and dogs.

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Full Ingredients:

Small Sardines, Natural Sea Salt, Vitamin E.

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Country of origin: Japan

Delicious anchovy pet snack that contains calcium and protein. Comes with a convenient zipper bag. Suitable for cats and dogs.


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Anonymous Dumbo Octopus

5 reviews

2 pets

Sep 25, 2022

Yummy treato

Meow loves this so much. Wish Meowmy will buy more for us. Meow hopes that we have this every single day. Hope kind souls will send to us.


Anonymous Mink

Tried for a Maltipoo

30 reviews

5 pets

Jul 18, 2022

My furkids didn't like it

My furkids didn't like it.. probably it's sharp and difficult to chew, it could be more ideal if it's smaller..


47 reviews

2 pets

Apr 07, 2022

Not a fan of fish

Unfortunately, my cats aren't cats in this aspect where they don't enjoy fish. They were absolutely confused on how to eat it


Tried for a Persian

6 reviews

3 pets

Jan 20, 2022


I have to in half as my cats doesn't know how bite it on it's own. But they love it.. 👍

Anonymous Orangutan

Tried for a Pomsky

23 reviews

1 pet

Jan 01, 2022

Undeniably tasty and healthy

My pup loves this. Polished off the whole sample pack in a few minutes. One of the healthiest high value treats to give my puppy for his training.


Beatrice Tan

Tried for a Pomsky

31 reviews

2 pets

Dec 04, 2021


She loves it. I didn’t even need to open up the packaging to get her attention. i got an instant sit and wait from her. Great treats for training!


Anonymous Wolf

Tried for a Shiba Inu

11 reviews

Dec 02, 2021


very tiny..but my puppy likes it.. smells really fishy though..

Anonymous Otter

Tried for a Yorkshire Terrier

10 reviews

1 pet

Nov 17, 2021

Tastes a bit salty

My dog loves it. I tasted it myself too and find it a bit salty so I don’t dare to give my dog too much. Just a little bit per day is okay though.

Darren Wong

35 reviews

1 pet

Nov 05, 2021

They didn't like it

They didn't eat it at all, they didn't like it. They ate a bit and they spit it out. My cats said not good. Nasi Lemak Ikan billis is nicer for them.


Tried for a Shetland Sheepdog

74 reviews

1 pet

Nov 05, 2021


Samples are really tiny. Managed to lure the dog out of her hiding place though.


Anonymous Bat

Tried for a Chihuahua

2 reviews

1 pet

Nov 04, 2021

Delicious Ikan Bilis!!

Toffi loves it alot! Smells good and delicious!! Will be getting the full size pack! Love that the samples were packed in vacuumed sealed bag.


Training Japan IPL

31 reviews

Oct 23, 2021




Janel Ong

39 reviews

1 pet

Sep 17, 2021

So delicious

My puppy loves it so so much. It smells really good a bit like ikan bilis and although shes a picky eater she finished it all



Tried for a Maine Coon

10 reviews

2 pets

Sep 17, 2021

Cat couldn't make up his mind with this

My cat was half-half with these treats - he loved it at first but after I purchased the full size, he would not eat it anymore. Samples were delivered in vacuum sealed bag and had about 2 portions. It was quite funny as my cat would eat the fish and leave the middle bone for us to see (i dont know how he does it lol). But after we bought the full size, he only sniffed it and no longer want to eat it. We tried mixing it into his wet food but as the snacks were dried out, they were pretty hard. Mixed it into dry food and he would pick out the rest and leave this in the bowl. Will try again in the future. Photo shown is the full size pack and size of fish against palm size - might be too big for smaller sized cats.