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"Healthy hip + joint supplement"

I actually didnt expect the supplement will smell THAT good! Must be all the good ingredients inside it:) I give my pomsky daily dose of hip and joint supplement and will definitely include Kin + Kind healthy hip + joint into her daily food intake! Since her breed is prone to joint issue, I have tried a few joint supplement and I am happy to finally find this one!


"Kin+Kind Heathy Immunity "

Love this product. We’ve loved kin+kind and it was a good addition to our supplement cupboard

sangeetha kannan

"Excellent products for your pawfriends! "

I have a Bernedoodle and old English sheepdog both 8 months and we are constantly trying new food to increase their immunity and to excite them, introducing more variety with their food. We got the art of whole food bone broth and the kin+kind hip+joint supplement. With young puppies, it is essentially to ensure they get the right amount of supplements when their kibbles don’t suffice. Our puppies absolutely love these products and the delivery was seemless. Highly recommend to try these products!


"Kin & Kind Healthy Poops Supplements "

This product sold out quite fast & thankful was able to give it a try! Mix it with their food & they had no issues licking it clean! Love it!


"Nice smelling, delicious, natural supplement "

We wanted to boost Kiyo’s antioxidants, so we got the berry supplements, and kiyo LOVES it! She can even eat it without mixing with food.