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Came to know them through a campaign. Staffs were really friendly, helpful and professional! Delivery slots were communicated clearly when ordering from their online site as well😊


Shop owner was friendly, and being on and off customers for a while. Love their cut and nice ribbons kind of finish looks. However recent accident turn the good impression up side down. Specific asked for puppy cut , but end up bald hair and mouth shape like a rat. Owner claimed it is the pet skin issue, and suggested dr visit, Dog’s face and head doesn’t have any skin issue, and is on regular clinic visit and diet control! Is it difficult to give owner a call to inform what they can’t achieve, and consult pet owner’s idea first ? Spent $80 and get a batak pet in return. The shop owner claims to do the best for the pet. Isn’t what every pet owner wish for their own pet? Groomer can show some respect to owner by giving a call to inform in advance at least. However, the shop owner lied about keeping owner updating during grooming. Please Show your phone call record , or message time stamp. All the communications done afterwards when owner shocking to see the pets without furs. Very defensive and dishonest shop owner. Truly regretted made recommendations to other pet owners before. Wish the drama stops here any no more fur kid go home suffer from inappropriate grooming emo. Pet owner is aware the dog has skin issues and never wanted to the poodle to be round and fluffy. And try to spend extra for bubble bath or scrub to solve skin problem from pawdy kisses too. Communication dialogue posted below. Shop owner lied about updating pet condition during grooming. (Taken from Google reviews)


My furkid has been going to Pawpy Kisses for grooming since 2016. We are very happy with Carol and her team as they are very patient with her. In addition, they are dedicated and will feedback if they discover something on my furkid's body; example a small cut on the leg due to scratch or dirty ears. They will try to accommodate to your request if it's do-able. It is not easy to find a reliable groomer but am glad I found one, that is Pawpy Kisses 😊 (Taken from Google reviews)


Been sending my pup there for full grooming since he was only months old. I love how I am always updated of any conditions noticed no matter how small. He always comes back home smelling like a baby, razor burn free, and most importantly still happy. And the staff are always friendly, happily accomodating to different requests each session. Plus free transport to and fro! We've tried different groomers for a change but always end up with Pawpy Kisses. We really appreciate the team for their hard work and effort in keeping our pups happy and clean! (Taken from Google reviews)


I have been sending my dog to them since he was young. Very professional , loving and responsible groomers who will even give me tips on how to care for him eg. ear cleaning etc. I have full trust in them and will definitely recommend Pawpy Kisses! A big thank you and I will continue to send Baileys over! (Taken from Google reviews)