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Brands pup-proved by Milky (Part 1)

Jane Peh ・ December 04, 2020 ・ ~ 4 mins read

Who is guilty of buying a tad too much when it comes to their furkids? Definitely me 😂

I love to shop for Milky, but sometimes it seems to me that there are only that few vendors whom I can buy stuff for him – mainly those who enjoy high visibility on Instagram. I always wondered if there’s a way for us to dig the hidden gems (amongst the many, many on Instagram).

So here are some of the hidden gems I’ve unearthed through my times on Instagram (I will try notttt to mention the well-known ones), and just in time for Christmas! 💕


  • Website:
  • Instagram:

Cakki Collective is a boutique brand from Philippines which specialises in rope leashes, bandanas + more. ⁣ Their products are handmade & carefully curated⁣ with love.

Their bandanas range between S$6 – 15, depending on the size you are looking at.

Milky sporting this new bandana from Cakki

What I love about this brand

  • Obviously very much in love for their Instagram aesthetic and game
  • Super friendly and nice business owner
  • Handmade and their designs are really nice

I guess the only con is that since they are based overseas, I have to gather or consolidate orders before the worldwide shipping fee makes sense.

2. Truffleruffel Treats

  • Instagram:

I came to know about this home-based store only because the owner is an influencer under our network. We worked with them for some campaigns and she very kindly gifted us some free samples to try!

Just look at the greedy face!

Pawjourr organised a Secret Santa gift exchange this year, and I would be sending some of her treats to my Santee! 😊 We also featured her bone broth recipe on The Woof Agency’s Instagram earlier this year and the effort is 💯!! You can buy them bone broth at a super affordable price too


▫️24 cubes – 295-310g @ $6.50
▫️28 cubes – 355g-370g @$7.50

You can check out how she boil the bone broth here!

3. Husse Singapore

  • Website:
  • Instagram:

Husse is a new brand which entered the Singapore market late 2019. They hail from Sweden and pride themselves in high quality pet food, specialising in not just dog & cats, but also horses! 🐴

Milky loves his Taste of the wild, so we won’t be talking about their kibbles range. Instead, we are a huge huge fan of their Laxolja (also known as salmon oil 🍣).

This is Milky a month after being on their salmon oil.

We sprinkle the salmon oil over his food and he gobbles them up like a cookie monster. It makes the entire meal looks much appetising and there’s definitely an improvement on his coat condition which is visible to the eye.

We have been on this product for the past 3 – 6 months and we highly recommend pawrents out there to consider trying it! 😁

They are having a Christmas promo bundle now; 2 for $42 (UP $56)

I’ve also gifted other friends some of their other products, including their Vermi Tab (dewormer for dogs).

Pro Tip: Check out their tagged photos for discount codes from their ambassadors! 👍🏻

4. Instinct Pet Food

  • Website:
  • Instagram:

I think Instinct Pet Food has been around for quite some time, but only became aggressive with their sales recently in Singapore. They are part of the Nature’s variety group – and the ladies who work there are so so so nice!


To be honest, there is a very low chance of us converting to 100% raw for Milky as we are not very confident about the food handling (though we have been tempted a few times by the benefits and The Dog Chef on Tik Tok).

So Instinct Pet is one of the brands we try to play around with the idea but with freeze dried nuggets etc. I’m very confident about the quality of their food and I’ve never heard anything about worms / weevils in their food vs. some other brands I see on Instagram. 👻

I spoke to the owners before and I know how strict they are with the end-to-end (source of ingredients -> final product). But okay, it is on the expensive side since Milky is a big dog and eats quite a bit.

For the wet food, we alternate between their wet pouches and Bronco pate. As for the raw toppers, it’s really when he is being a good boy (but now we know he is okay with them and won’t “laosai”.

Everyone in the company actually love their products so much that we decided to bring them in and sell on our shopee! We only sell in bundles since Shopee has a lot of restriction around the shipping fees.

You can buy here:

5. Kin+Kind Singapore

  • Website:
  • Instagram:

We got to know about Kin+Kind pet supplements through the sampling program offered by Pawjourr.

Pawjourr has a sampling program where pet owners pay $4.90 per month to check-out unlimited samples to try. In exchange, leave a review to help other pet owners make an informed choice.

They are also adding in more verticals like groomers, clinics, trainers etc. It is positioned to be the one-stop pet parenting app to make pet ownership easier, cheaper & much more convenient! ❤️


The pet supplements include:

+ Urinary Tract support: Free sample here!

+ Multi-vitamins: Free sample here!

+ Hip & Joint support: Free sample here!


Check out #Whatsinmybowl flex with Milky! Special guest appearance by Clear Dog Treats (Shark cartilage powder) which you can find here, which I am obsessed with as well.

I hope this has been helpful to pet owners out there looking for some new websites or brands to stalk! 👀

I think some of the brands here are pretty well-known already in the pets community, but there are a few other supplements which you can try and buy via!

If you are like me and love finding new brands and products for your furkids to try, you should definitely give Pawjourr+ a go! 😎

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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