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Christmas Gift Guide 2021 (SG Edition)

PawjourrNovember 24, 2021~ 2 mins read

This gift guide is reserved for our Pawrents in Singapore. If you’re residing in the U.S., click here.

Henlo everybody! It’s that time of the year again — Mariah Carey’s voice floods your radio, red-green tinsels fill the streets, and everyone has a Secret Santa or two to shop for. To make things easier for you, we’ve gone ahead and picked out a few gifts for your pawrent friends and their adorable pawpals.

Share a feast with the furmily

Have you ever walked into a pet store looking for some pets and just leaving empty-handed cause they don’t feel right? Pooch Smooch Eats gets it. That’s why they started making treats they know pawpals will love. Made with 100% human-grade Australian beef, their Beef Heart Bites ($10) is rich in iron and zinc, great for oxygen transport!

Pooch Smooch Eats, “Beef Heart Bites”

Pooch Smooch Eats has just the snack for the young ones too! Your puppies and kittens can sink their teeth into some Turkey Small Bites ($14.30) or Pork Bites ($8.25). Not to mention they’re high in protein and low in fat, so your furbabies can grow up strong while enjoying something tasty.

Pooch Smooch Eats is also offering 20% discount on all full priced items! Valid till year’s end (but why wait till then?) Simply enter the discount code “ PJXPS20OFF “ when you check out a minimum of 3 items!

Made with 100% natural ingredients and supercharged with superfoods, The GRATEFUL PET offers subscriptions for a wide range of healthy food diets from Cooked Cage-Free Chicken ($38) to Cooked Salmon and Sardine ($43). The GRATEFUL PET ensures only super great food for super great dogs.

Let them play with their food

Don’t let your brokers get bored — if you’re getting yourselves new toys, they should too. The Sunday Pup offers a curated selection of accessories and toys you won’t find anywhere else. Their Pup Pizza ($32) is a snuggle mat that comes with removable slices and folds for your doggo to forage. The Pup Lemonade ($15.90) also has lemons that let you hide your dogs’ favourite treats!

The Sunday Pup has an exclusive 10% discount for orders above $15! Just enter “ PAWJOURRSUNDAY “ when you check out your first purchase. Give them a toy that’s right on the nose!

The Purrfect Pasttime

Furrplay understands how hard it is to keep your cat entertained. How about giving them a challenge for both their physical fitness and mental health? The Trixie Cat Brain Mover Strategy Game ($38) channels your feline’s energy and curiosity through its modules and drawers. Meanwhile, the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board ($44) tests their dexterity manoeuvring through modules to obtain hidden treats.

The best homes are scratch-resistant

Cats are the masters of their own space, but one thing’s for sure, they love scratching stuff. If you’re going to give your felines something to drive their claws into, Threefurr might have something for you. Their Onigiri Cat House with Bed ($39) is a stretch-n-scratch built just for your felines. It even comes with a ‘cave’ with a cardboard scratcher interior, which creates a safe space for your furbabies.

Threefurr Onigiri Cat Scratcher

Pawrents, let your inner Santa out! May your furkids have a great Christmas to come!

Furliz Navidad and happy holidays 

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