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Does Your Dog Like to Shred Toys? Here are the Right Kind of Toys You Should Get

PawjourrJune 28, 2022~ 4 mins read

Is your dog an aggressive chewer who goes through one toy after another without sparing a single one? Well, this is a common trait in most dogs, as they like to put their toys in their mouths and chew on them. Especially with a teething puppy at home, it is nothing uncommon. You may wish to buy indestructible toys for the dog, but it is tough to figure out the toys that would last. You also need to ensure that the toy actually keeps the dog engaged. You have come to the right place, as we have all the details listed below.

1. Dog Puzzle Teething Toys:

These are other types of teething toys that prevent the formation of tartar and also help the teething puppy to get relief. These are made of non-toxic rubber that is puncture resistant. These toys are designed such that you can stuff them with treats for the dog to slowly feed on. This keeps the dog busy for a long time and makes them tired as they increase brain activity. A few products like Kongs offer different rubber quality depending on the chewing issue of your dog. They have a puppy version too, which is easier to chew on for smaller dogs. If you have a puppy at home or plan to get one from one of the puppy breeders, do not get one of these toys to keep the young puppy busy and make it tired.

2. Bone Toys:

This is quite popular with dogs as they are obsessed with bones. Real bones can be hazardous for the dog as the splinters can puncture their esophagus and cause severe damage, so sticking to a bone toy is a much safer alternative. Especially a few bone toys have some flavor to them, which makes it really interesting for the dog to chew and engage them. These are simple chew toys that can withstand aggressive chewing. The design is curvy from the edges, which can be easily gripped by the paw. These toys further help strengthen the dog’s teeth and are safe for heavy-duty jaws.

3. Rubber Chew Toys:

When we talk about rubber toys, we mean the ones made with high-quality rubber that is used in aircraft and spaceships. These come in multiple sizes and shapes with different levels of durability. You should choose one based on the level of chewer your dog is. These toys work well for dogs who like to shred. They come in cute animal shapes too, though the dog only cares about chewing the toy.

4. Squeaker Plush Toys:

These are soft toys for dogs that are more durable than the usual ones. A few come with a stuffed rope that is suitable for the dog to play with; others are simple plush toys with a squeaker that makes a sound when pressed. Dogs are enticed by the sound of the squeak, maybe because it is close to the duck and love to play with one. Getting a durable plush toy for dogs can be a challenge; hence a few trial and error to needed to fire to what stays.

5. Chase and Fetch Toys:

These toys are pretty popular with dogs as they love to fetch. This is suitable for dogs’ mental stimulation and also offers them a good amount of physical workouts. This type of toy is not meant to be chewed, as the dog’s interaction with the toy is just to catch it and bring it back to you. This may be a simple tennis ball or a rubber ball. You can also get a frisbee for the dog to fetch. These toys may not be as durable as the chew toy, solely because this toy’s purpose is different.

6. Rope Toys:

This is a simple toy that is helpful for you to interact with the dog. As the name suggests, these are made of rope and purely meant to play tug-of-war with the dog. The dog may try to destroy the toy, but mainly you will find your dog holding the rope in their mouth and requesting you to play along. Do not forget to lose at times to enhance your dog’s self-confidence.

7. Interactive Toys:

These toys are the by-products of pet technology. These toys are battery-operated and need to be connected to the home network. There is usually an app that helps control the toy. These toys can be remotely operated; hence, no physical interaction of yours is needed. The toy interacts directly with the dog and keeps it absolutely engaged. This means you can leave the dog home alone and not worry for a while, as your dog has a friend to play with now. 

Things to Consider While Getting a Toy for the Dog:

When shopping for toys for your dog, you should always consider the age and size of the dog. Bigger dogs have more chew strength and can easily destroy a toy as compared to smaller dogs. Hence, you need to buy toys appropriate for the dog’s size. A small toy for a large dog can be a choking hazard and also will get destroyed sooner. On the other hand, a larger toy for a small dog might seem tough for the dog to play with, and eventually, they may not show much interest.

Another parameter to consider is the durability of the toy. Usually, the tag you find on a toy mentions if it is suitable for aggressive it moderate chewer. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, get more durable toys that are specifically designed for aggressive chewers.

The Bottom Line:

Toys are meant to be used, and as dogs do not use their paws to play but their mouths, there is a high possibility that toys may get destroyed, which is ok at times. Be sure to offer your dog enough exercise, so they do not get destructive around their toys. A few simple changes can help curb the habit, and your dog will enjoy playing with its favorite toys longer.

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