How to plan a pet-friendly wedding in Singapore

Jane Peh


November 10, 2020



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So I officially got married on 17 October!

If you live in Singapore, you would know that we are not exactly the best when it comes to available pet-friendly venues. As a crazy #dogmum, I wanted Milky to be part of this important milestone since he is part of our family.


Open Farm Community has a lawn for couple to walk down during the ceremony

For us, it was pretty clear that Open Farm Community would be one of our top choice since we have been there before with Milky. We love the food, the servers were really nice to Milky and simply put, we like the place.

It was also an easy choice since we don’t have too much options out there, especially since Milky is considered a large dog and most places (even pet-friendly ones) are not excited about bigger doggo πŸ™

Some Important things to check also include:

  • Where can your dog sit / be at during dinner?
  • Would it be too warm, especially for double-coated dogs?

We spoke to the wedding coordinator from Open Farm and confirmed that there will be 4 portable air-con units placed around the dining area (even though it’s outdoor).

TDLR; Visit the restaurant with your dog & see if you vibe with the place.


Milky & Tay waiting at the end of the lawn

We created a Facebook event and invited our guests from there – we made it very clear that Milky will be present on the day and if anyone is uncomfortable, they would (unfortunately) have to un-invite themselves since we weren’t budging on anything lesser.


Thank you @furriesferry!

(a) Transportation

We knew that it was going to be a super hectic day, so we arranged for Furries Ferry to transport Milky to & fro from the venue. Andrea & team were super friendly and responsive via Whatsapp – highly recommend their service!

Between Hillview <> Open Farm Community, we paid $30 in total for both trips.

(b) Person-in-charge

Assign one of your friend to be the person-in-charge of taking care of the dog. You and your partner are going to be super busy on that day, so it’s important someone is there to take care of your furkid (especially if s(he) is a big dog and needs a bit of space)!

You will need to entertain your guests & making sure everyone is still enjoying themselves, so be sure there’s someone who can help you on that.

(c) Don’t forget food and toilet break

Don’t forget his food! When we were eating, Milky was drooling on the side (even though he had his meal earlier that day). We also brought him out for his twice-a-day walks but still got someone to walk him around every now and then as he doesn’t like to be leashed up.

Also make sure that your dog is good with strangers, loud noises / crowd and always has a bowl of water to quench his/her thirst.

For Milky, we made sure that there are portable air-cons around so that he doesn’t feel too warm.

Henlo, it’s time for belly rubs


Have lots of fun! It can be a little tough to coordinate around, especially if your dog is large and you cannot just pop them on your leg and carry them around.

But it’s all worth it – I’m not sure if Milky had as much fun as us hee hee, but he sure looks happy in all the photos!

Henlo, I’m Milky and I’m a good boy
Milky getting all the attention from everyone
Milky posing like the supermodel he is
Milky tired liao + 80% drunk husbando

Hope this article has been helpful for anyone thinking to host your wedding with your furkids! x

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Author: Jane Peh

I'm Jane, mum to Milky! I hope that through this community, I am able to share my personal experience &amp; stories to help other pet parents feel less lonely navigating the pet journey. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me at!

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