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Why I Don’t Think I Can Care for a Pet

Hoshi_sheltieJanuary 27, 2021~ 3 mins read

Hello everyone, I am hoshi hooaunt.

I hardly appear on Hoshi’s account, if you’re unaware that Hoshi had an aunt, helloo! 👋

Hoshi and me (hooaunt) at Wooftopia

Today I’m going to share why after getting Hoshi, I don’t think I can be a hoomum of another fur baby.

I care for Hoshi along with my sister, I mainly help out to feed him and just take care of him in general. Even though I am not the main caretaker for Hoshi, it has been a difficult journey. Caring for a puppy takes a lot of time and commitment, there’s much to take note for him.       

Smol Hoshi taking a nap in his old crate

Sitting on the sidelines, watching my sister sacrifice her personal time and her wallet for Hoshi, I am in awe of her efforts and hard work. Hoshi isn’t a difficult puppy to take care of, he’s very smart and super sweet. He knows where to pee and poo which is usually the most troubling issue for most pawarents. Something really magical ✨ about having dogs is that Hoshi knows when we are happy and when we are sad. I got to experience that myself and it was such a memorable moment, I am sure that it will remain forever in my heart. 

I had just came back from work, and was feeling a little down. I think Hoshi realised that I was a bit upset, he started to cuddle with me. It was unusual because, at that time, he would usually be quite active when someone comes home. However, that little cuddling session with him really healed me and it felt very special💖. 

Hoshi being a cuddly boi after sensing that im sad 🥺

Having said all that, having a dog is wondrous thing however, there are things that i did not expect as well. 

Separation Anxiety 

Whenever we leave the house, Hoshi cries and whines and it’s really heartbreaking to hear and see him like that🥺. After he gets tired from crying, he would lay his head in between the gate and watch us leave. I guess leaving him alone at home is inevitable and it’s definitely a process that we have to go through. 

Hoshi being a sad boi when we leave for work
Hoshi being a happy boi when we come back

Time and Commitment

Having a pup takes up a lot of time and commitment. Starting from the basic care, his meals, his walkies, and hygiene, these are just some of the important things to take note of. 📝

His meal times, Hoshi can be quite picky with his food at times, so we try to add in a bunch of variety for him. However, that would also mean that we would have to be on the constant lookout for new things for him to try. Thankfully, Pawjourr has a sampling program, where we can try out different things before purchasing the full-sized products.

Hoshi enjoying the free samples from Pawjourr!

Moving on to his walkie sessions, we try to walk him everyday however when it is raining, we can’t bring him down. In replacement, we would play fetch with him to waste his energy and spend some time with him.

Hoodad teaching him how to jump

As for his hygiene, we would have to brush his teeth, clip his nails, and care for him like a baby! It is a lot of work, but it is necessary for the lil baby! 

Hoshi’s cupboard –> where we store all of his things!

These are just the very little things that you would need to care for a puppy! It really takes a lot of effort and courage to love a puppy! Hoshi is a great blessing in our lives, and we are so in love with him!

For all those who are considering getting a puppy, please know that there’s a lot of hard work that comes from caring for one, but of course a lot of love as well. For all the pawrents out there, hats off to you guys! Lastly, for all the hooaunts/hoouncles that are just like me, keep loving your furbabies! 

Smol Hoshi taking pictures 📸

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